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    Nulon is just the brand, they do a range of things, engine oils, automatic transmission fluids, manual gearbox oils, differential oils, and some other things. The main thing to look for is that the ATF at the very least meets the level of the "recommended" Toyota oil, which for the U660E gearbox is WS (world standard). This is the one by Nulon: http://www.nulon.com.au/products/Automatic_Transmission_Fluids/Full_Synthetic_Multi_Vehicle_Automatic_Transmission_Fluid/#intro Thanks to the link you posted earlier in the thread, I gained a clear insight of how to change the ATF yourself, and a few DIY threads elsewhere have confirmed that. Thankfully, I have an adapter that lets me access the on-board diagnostics (Cheap and cheerless OBDii bluetooth adapter, if you want to ebay one for yourself) with thanks to an Android app (Torque is the one I swear by). Means I can find the temperature of the ATF without needing any extra equipment, and therefore get it to the ideal temperature for going by the "red straw" measurement. And I have to say, going by some of the comments on other sites, my ATF has been going downhill for a while - When I first bought the car, almost couldn't feel the gear changes. Now, and for quite some time, it's pretty obvious when it does change gears. In the immortal words of Scooby Do, ruh roh!
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    That is correct. My 2015 Prado Diesel GLX (latest smaller engine) has that map. I recall you saying elsewhere that Toyota have an updated map at $300 but you don't believe it will work? Because its a "WHEREIS" and the original is "HERE"? Maybe I got that wrong, but all it needs to run different maps, is software that recognises the map. And that can be achieved via an update, if the original software does not do already do so.
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    Hi KAA - Yep - I'm thinking that that is the way to go. They have been looking for an exact replacement unit and are waiting for one to come in. Provided it's in good condition this will at least come with some sort of warranty in case the same thing happens again. It's so wasteful to think that what should be a small repair is not possible and the whole unit needs to be replaced - we can send men to the moon but can't fix two radio knobs!! I'm hoping it will be soon as my fingers are getting sore trying to turn the stalks in there... :D
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    Good to know that others have also discovered this sticky issue outside of the warranty period. An update regarding Toyota USA fixing 4.5 Million sticky dashboards: http://www.wptv.com/money/consumer/toyota-parts-shortage-delays-melting-dashboard-repairs-until-may-2015-refunds-start-immediately Need a consumer watchdog to assist us in Australia. Any suggestions?
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    So I have good news about the sticky dashboard situation. Toyota USA has agreed to replace sticky dashboards! Breaking news from the journalist that I have been communicating with in the US a few hours ago! http://www.wptv.com/money/consumer/help-for-melting-dashboards I am still fighting for Oz!

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