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    https://toyota-general.epc-data.com/camry_aurion/ or http://www.toyodiy.com/parts/q_G_2014_TOYOTA_AURION_all.html Might be able to help you with being able to search by the VIN
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    Craig, I think that you will find that because your 07 Aurion is more than 10 years old that Toyota Australia will not accept a claim to replace the dash. However, your situation may be treated differently particularly if this dash issue had previously been reported for your vehicle by previous owner/s.
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    There were 2 types of calipers on the 2006 to facelift models so take a pad off and take it to the parts shop.
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    Thank U for the welcome Robert also glad to see you don't hold it against us for keeping the rugby trophy LOL. Even the Pavlova is ours as well. From what I have had time to read since finding this site there is some really interesting forums. Cheers Wayne
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    chuck it on top of your car and see if it will fit... or whether there are mounting points that are able to go on your car... no stupid questions here, ive heard of silvia s14 spoilers fitting on my model camrys 🙊
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    Just came across this URL which mentions 4 main recommended engine oil change intervals based upon your driving habits. https://auto.howstuffworks.com/under-the-hood/vehicle-maintenance/dirty-truth-about-oil-changes.htm
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    Recently, the battery charging warning light came on while driving home Thursday night. Checked the fusible link and it ended up being OK. Starting to look as though the alternator would have to be replaced. As luck would have it, I was going to be taking the girlfriend about 4AM next Monday to the airport. Friday morning, I recharged the battery, refitted it Friday night to drive to girlfriend's house. Car was still drivable but the battery charging warning light was still on. Certainly then appreciated having the larger size and capacily before the battery became fully drained. Fortunately, the warning light went out after I accelerated hard to change lanes. I am guessing that the decoupler pulley on the alternator is now functioning correctly rather than the alternator. Will further check the alternator.
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    Welcome to the forum..one question why here!... When you say you own a BMW KAA
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    Acquired in 1976 from Toyota Developments by way of Nalders Toyota Service Division Stawell. JRD import Twin Cam five speed F series LSD four wheel discs. Featured in Modern Motor review owned for 40+ years.
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    Qfm A1rm + Hankook Rs-4 235/45/17 Nugget Nationals Exe Track Day 2019 Times as per Natsoft: 2:22.6630 2:13.3660 1:58.9960 1:56.2490 1:56.0510 2:02.3260 1:53.4550 1:52.0880 1:55.3410 10 1:54.8600 1:56.0970 1:50.4390 1:53.1360 1:51.2690 1:51.3250 2:07.6020 2:13.2910 2:10.2830 1:57.2960 1:54.2370 1:52.5870 1:51.5120 1:50.8620 1:52.9720 1:50.2260 30 1:49.9740 1:48.7380 1:52.5240 1:51.1060 1:55.7740 1:48.8690 1:56.7100 1:51.1570 1:53.5530 Beautiful cool cloudy day at winton, with no rain in sight, Finally broke into the 1:50 mark and beat it by two seconds a few sessions later. With a1rms back on the car, my confidence on braking at the 25/50m mark came back. Learnt more on gearing through corners, and putting foot down earlier, room for improvement to break pb next track day Thanks for looking !
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    Ultra racing rear sway bar, cheap and makes a big improvement
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    Are the TTR parts the same as what was on the TTR Corolla or MR2? Quite possible the dealer just spec'd it up themselves to try and move some slow-selling base stock, and had it as a demo/display model on the showroom floor. If it has moved a few times it could have been the personal car of a dealer principal (or maybe the principal's wife etc) that they kept after the new model came out.
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    Welcome, and cheers for viewing my build thread! I bought this car in May '15 and didn't really plan on doing any mods to it, but as we all know, things often don't stay standard for very long. I've always liked these cars, so when I finally had the chance to buy one I opted for this '06 SX6 Sportivo model. It came with 18" TRD wheels, but apart from that it was all stock. It's not very often you see modified Aurions here in New Zealand so it leaves people wondering what the hell it is, while still blending in as a family sedan at the same time. The car now wears 19x9.5" Vertini Magic concave wheels, along with an array of other mods that contribute to the overall look of the build. This post will stay updated with the most recent mods & photos, but the rest from post #2 onward are in chronological order. So far the spec list is as follows: Engine: * Stock 2GR-FE V6 3500cc 24v Dual VVT-i engine. * Custom made 3" cold air intake setup. * Simota extra long pod filter behind LH fog light. * Potent Booster throttle controller. * Aurion 2012+ GSV50 full metal VVT-i oil line. * Aurion 2012+ GSV50 full metal oil cooler line. * TRD style billet aluminium oil cap. * Custom bronze carbon fiber wrapped engine cover. * Large 2L polished aluminium oil catch tank. Exterior: * Aftermarket ducktail roof spoiler. * Carbon fiber bumper lip extension. * Aftermarket colour coded reversing camera. * Aftermarket concealed front bumper camera. * Genuine Toyota optional towbar & wiring. * Genuine Toyota optional weathershields/monsoons. * 35% opacity window tint. * Bodykit Kingdom headlight eyelids. * CREE LED headlight, park light and fog light bulbs. * Chrome trim around fog light surrounds. * Aftermarket red 'Heat Emblem' in Toyota boot badge. * Aurion 2012+ GSV50 'AURION' 1-piece rear boot badge. * 2009+ Toyota Landcruiser Prado 'V6 Dual VVT-i' sticker. * 'V6 24 VALVE' stickers on rear doors. * Aftermarket Japanese Mitsuba Alpha dual front horns. * Lexus GS450h engine bay horn for factory alarm system. * Personalized license plates - 00 01 00. * Facelift Aurion extra-long license plate bracket. * Carbon wrapped Euro style license plate frames. * Smoked vinyl wrapped lower tail light sections. * LED rear bumper reflectors. Interior: * Eonon GA5164F Android GPS/USB/Bluetooth headunit. * Aftermarket Bluetooth mic mounted in roof console. * Genuine Toyota optional LED blue footwell lights. * Toyota Blade Master G leather steering wheel. * Lexus IS-F genuine Magnesium working paddle shifters. * Genuine Toyota optional carbon fibre steering wheel logo insert. * Custom bronze carbon fibre wrapped centre console. * Custom bronze carbon fibre wrapped A/C controls. * Aurion ZR6 silver door trim and chrome handles. * Chrome trim around silver dashboard inserts. * Aurion Grande carpeted centre boot trim. * Genuine Toyota optional rubber moulded boot tray. * Aftermarket 6x9 to 6.5" front speaker adapter pods. * Lexus GS450h Mark Levinson 6.5" front speakers. * Aftermarket white LED door courtesy light units. * Aurion Grande auto dimming rear-view mirror. * Valentine One radar mirror mount & hardwire kit. * Novatek A118 HD dashcam concealed behind mirror. * UltraGauge OBDII display unit (speed, RPM, temps etc). * Altezza aluminium footrest pedal (to match OEM pedals). * Carbon fiber dash vent surrounds. Wheels/Suspension: * 19"x9.5" (32p) Vertini Magic Concave alloy wheels. * 225/40/19 tyres (front) & 235/35/19 tyres (rear). * Rolled rear fenders. * Rays chrome wheel nuts and lock nuts. * SPC 17mm front camber bolts. * SPC 15mm rear camber bolts. * Znoelli dimple drilled/slotted rotors front & rear. * Bendix GCT stealth brake pads. * PBR brake calipers painted red. * Dobi Sport SL springs (front), King Spring SL springs (rear). * Aftermarket shocks & swaybar links. * Alutec aluminium front strut brace.
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