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    Hey everyone, It's been awhile to say the least. I still have my Corolla Sportivo and it has been through some massive changes! I ended up finally finding a plug and play Apexi PowerFC Unit + Hand Controller from a mate and to be expected i ended up having issues again lmao. Car made significantly more power with it plugged in, gaining 34HP through the midrange, 18 in the top end and improving drivability enormously. Lift was tuned in at 5200RPM and made for a really fun spirited drive. I say 'had' because i ended up removing it due to the idle issue, something the previous owner also dealt with. Basically, the car would either idle at around 1000rpm sounding like a lumpy cam or at 2800rpm, there was no in between. I originally could deal with it, until you get sick of it. Due to the poor idle, the car essentially would have to be revved out before being able to take off which was frustrating to say the least. Also, engine braking was negligible due to the high idle setting, resulting in being unable to engine brake properly using downshifts. I also re-painted the inserts of my headlights, replaced the LED Halos with a brand new pair and used lenses from a pair of new headlights to seal them all fresh. I finally managed to get some facelift taillights, genuinely can't believe it took me this long to change them back. I ditched the leather Recaro SR3's i had in favour for a pair of Mitsubishi Evolution 8 MR (JDM) Recaros in a nice black suede with leather stitching. Paired with KYOUU rails, they sit the same, are bolstered far more aggressively and are a far safer option. I'm now running Yokohama AD08R in a 225/45 instead of the 50 profile. In my opinion, they sit far better than the Potenzas, though admittedly i do miss the chunky tyre look. Hope all is well, i'll do my best to keep the forum updated from now on.

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