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    just a small update on some cosmetic changes 😁
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    I'd change it too, did it on mine and will keep doing it every ~2 years or 40k, whichever comes first. Cheap insurance they call it. You need to make sure you get the level right. Other items you should look for, apart from the service history (it *DOES* have a full service history, doesn't it? :D) - Outstanding recalls, at least for the VVTi oil line. If it's not full metal go to your nearest Toyota service centre and book it in, it's free of charge but they'll want the car for the whole day. Think there was also a recall for the window switch for some VINs? - Water pump & alternator - quite rare, but may be on the way out. Regardless, if it hasn't had the coolant changed you should change it, the service schedule in the owner manual wants it change after 10 years or 160.000kms, then every 75k kms. - Dash - does it look & feel shiny & sticky?
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    Definitely consider changing the ATF. If you look hard in the owner's manual then it is recommended to change the ATF at 70K if driving in extreme conditions. Sounds ok until you realise that everyday motoring is extreme according to the manufacturer. I have a 2008/9 Aurion which has 109K on the odometer. Previous thinking was to leave it be until 160K but I have since changed my mind. It will get a ATF fluid change before going back on the road. https://www.rymax-lubricants.com/blog/when-do-you-need-to-change-your-transmission-fluid/
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    If it's like any of the other brake switches I've seen, you unclip the wiring, loosen the lock nut, rotate the whole switch to screw it in or out depending on which way you want to adjust it, then tighten the lock nut and re-attach the plug.
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    HI, my car was rear ended a few days ago. the rear bumper is smashed and the body is damaged as well near the spare tyre area . I am saving up for a body shop repair but i think if i can get the bumper off and use a mallet on it to straighten it up it would not look so bad. does anyone have a guide on how to remove the rear bumper. thanks
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    Hi all, just as the title suggests! I'm just a small Aussie content creator and am looking to start making different videos on-top of the video reviews I already do. Would love some feedback on my latest video because it is a different style to what I usually do 😊 Thank you very much in advance! https://youtu.be/TzNxX2xwKAY
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    Hi Tony C, after reading your reply, I did some checking on line and found out the last Aurion came off the production line on 17/8/17 at the Altona plant, Melbourne. Also, the compliance sticker shows date of June 2017.
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    It's an old thread, but for anyone interested. Denso do make aftermarket coils but for Toyota they are OEM, so quality is good. As for using ZRE152 in place of the ZZE122, that is not possible as they are very different coils (see attached images), the one on the left is ZZE122, the right is ZRE152.
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    Hi Toyota owners and enthusiasts, As a new member to this forum and an Australian branded ignition coil supplier, I want to make a quick introduction to ask that if you have any ignition coil related questions, please feel free to message direct or post a thread. I will try my best to answer any related questions.
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    Have you looked into running a Haltech or something similar and doing away with the corolla ECU entirely? I'm also in the process of having a Quaife installed in my EC60 box. You didn't happen to have it installed by shop in Hornsby by any chance?
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    Here's an update to hopefully revive the thread
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    Currently in progress... Still far and away from where I wanna be.. (Ive done a lot since this pic but still far from finishing) JEEPNEY CUBE!
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    ah man .... been ages since i've been on the forums. Well the car has been off the road for a year now ...... and as it goes with project cars ..... are they ever truely finished. Anyway there has finally been some movement on the car front and have some pics to share.

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