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    Craig, I think that you will find that because your 07 Aurion is more than 10 years old that Toyota Australia will not accept a claim to replace the dash. However, your situation may be treated differently particularly if this dash issue had previously been reported for your vehicle by previous owner/s.
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    There were 2 types of calipers on the 2006 to facelift models so take a pad off and take it to the parts shop.
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    Thank U for the welcome Robert also glad to see you don't hold it against us for keeping the rugby trophy LOL. Even the Pavlova is ours as well. From what I have had time to read since finding this site there is some really interesting forums. Cheers Wayne
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    chuck it on top of your car and see if it will fit... or whether there are mounting points that are able to go on your car... no stupid questions here, ive heard of silvia s14 spoilers fitting on my model camrys 🙊
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    Just came across this URL which mentions 4 main recommended engine oil change intervals based upon your driving habits. https://auto.howstuffworks.com/under-the-hood/vehicle-maintenance/dirty-truth-about-oil-changes.htm
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    Recently, the battery charging warning light came on while driving home Thursday night. Checked the fusible link and it ended up being OK. Starting to look as though the alternator would have to be replaced. As luck would have it, I was going to be taking the girlfriend about 4AM next Monday to the airport. Friday morning, I recharged the battery, refitted it Friday night to drive to girlfriend's house. Car was still drivable but the battery charging warning light was still on. Certainly then appreciated having the larger size and capacily before the battery became fully drained. Fortunately, the warning light went out after I accelerated hard to change lanes. I am guessing that the decoupler pulley on the alternator is now functioning correctly rather than the alternator. Will further check the alternator.
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    Ultra racing rear sway bar, cheap and makes a big improvement

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