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    Hey Mate, A decent quality thermo will help a little especially at low speeds and at idle but when cruising down the highway there is already more than enough airflow going through to cool the radiator and condenser. I also have a turbo setup on mine and the engine runs at an acceptable temp (still running the factory radiator) and aircon works great with no additional help. I would be looking at the cheaper fixes first before splashing out on a thermo install. Check your thermostat, water pump and viscous hub are working properly, flush your radiator, make sure your using the correct coolant, remove anything that blocks airflow from the front like spotties etc. There is also a foam strip at the top and bottom of the radiator that keep the air flowing through the radiator instead of escaping out the gaps. Mine had deteriorated over time and when I replaced it I noticed my average temp dropped by 1-2mm on the gauge. Give some of those a try and see what happens. Better to fix the problem than bypass it.
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    Receive a recall for for 2006 Aurion. Aurion vehicle with 2GR engine use an engine oil cooler assembly to maintain optimal engine oil temperature during all operating conditions. Toyota has received some reports that an engine oil leak or seep may develop from the oil hoses between the oil cooler and the engine. Should you experience a leak or seep from the engine oil cooler pipe, please contact your preferred Toyota dealership for diagnosis and repair. Toyota Dealer will replace the engine oil cooler pipe and hose assembly with an all metal oil cooler pipe, free of charge to you.
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    consider this complete with bezels ready to install... https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Full-Kit-Set-Fog-Light-Spot-Driving-Lamp-Black-For-Toyota-Aurion-GSV50-12-17/142699468390?fits=Year%3A201
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    After weeks of procrastination, reassembly done yesterday morning and engine started, initially at 2000rpm. Running ok but idle was still a bit higher at 1000rpm which I put down to charging of an older battery which I have been reconditioning. Restarted the engine in the afternoon and later noticed a check engine light [CEL]. Error code P0505 had me thinking it was a vacum leak or the throttle body needed a thorough cleaning. After checking for vacum leaks, I replaced the battery and sprayed cleaner into the air intake. No CEL and idle is about 900rpm. Something to keep an eye on and further investigate if the idle does not settle down to a lower level.
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    Hi EGR is a crap system but because of the computer it must work firstly get a vacuum guage check the pump then work your way through the system ,with these things its working your way through the system could be a hose ,electrical ,or even check the o ring at the egr position sensor just gotta check i is it throwing any codes ?
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    Its possible, but knowing genuwine toyota parts usually will cost you an arm and a leg, iirc back then a TRD Kappa wheel costed $1000+ Ea brand new have a look a wreckers as theyd usually buy written off cars, and if the wheels are still good, theyd sell them
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    As campbeam said, just double check the manual but I've run both 10W-40 and 5W-30 (currently running) in Fully Synthetic. I've had no issues with burning on both, 5W-30 barely drops from full between oil changes which is great considering I'm sitting well over 232000 kms. You'll find anything thicker would mean your engine may not be too healthy. I've used Penrite Racing 10W-40 and Nulon 5W-30 full synthetic and I really highly rate both of them. Never had any major issues with either and have seen plenty of other Sportivo owners run it on various kilometers, some even higher than mine on 5W-30.
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    So that's how things stood at the start of this year.....basically nothing has happened since. Still got to pull the shifter cables out of the Celica shell (which requires disassembling most of the dash) along with some of the body harness (for the engine bay fuse box) but in the meantime I've started hoarding parts for the eventual conversion. First things first - some tools, and something to put them in. Been wanting a decent roll-cab for ages but never really had enough to fill it, but eventually got sick of all my stuff being scattered between two separate toolboxes, a builders-bag, and the floor, so I snagged one of the limited edition Mighty Car Mods roll-cab set when they went on special. Knew we bought a hatch for a reason... Then decided it was time to make the swap from Ryobi One+ to Milwaukee, much better tools as well as being smaller (with inline batteries too, much better for engine-bay/undercar work). Got a 1/2" power ratchet, 1/2" stumpy impact wrench and a 13mm hammer drill (for house stuff). Also just picked up a 1/4" hex-chuck impact driver for the small stuff (not pictured) Then came the parts hoarding. First up was a plug-n-play Adaptronic E440d ECU modified by Kaizen Garage, which Jason Purcell had running in his AE82 2ZZ race car. This will allow be to do away with the factory immobiliser, run a bigger intake without the factory MAF (has onboard MAP sensor), as well as tweak lift and redline rpms to my liking (not to mention being able to support bigger cams). Next was a bunch of little bits and pieces to try and spark my motivation again - a 6-speed TRD ball shift knob (from the Tacoma/FJ Cruiser), height perfectly suits the MWR short shifter. Also got the MWR underside WP and ALT pulleys for some extra bling, a 77° TRD thermostat, Speed Source extended slave cylinder pushrod, and an MWR MR2 2ZZ engine mount adaptor. Along with that I also sourced the RH engine mount from a 4ZZ Euro ZZE111, so between that and the MR2 adaptor I should have something close to built-in. Next up will probably be clutch/flywheel, and maybe start looking at cams (but that opens Pandora's Box, because then I'll need valve springs, then might as well get new stem seals, then might as well get new valves, which means the head has to come off etc etc) On, and the Celica shell is a bit breezy now too... by Ian Rigby, on Flickr
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    Best to refer to your owner's manual. I also do a Google search using oil manufacturer + lube guide e.g. https://www.datateck.com.au/Lube/PenriteAus/ http://www.datateck.com.au/lube/NulonAus/ I prefer to use oils with the latest oil specifications of API-SN and ILSAC GF-5
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    You will find 15/40W in most brands are good...Castrol, Valvoline Nulon..etc. I Use these on both my 2001 Camry (V6) and 2005 Corolla. I usually change at 6 monthly intervals., regardless of kilometers driven....
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    Love this commercial!
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    Pretty sure the hatch light is purely for reverse, and the red is just a reflector. The rear corner lights are combination lights covering both brake- and tail-lights (two filaments in a single bulb) along with the indicator. EDIT: Confirmed when I went shopping last night. Parked behind an Ascent and left the carpark behind a Levin (both pre-facelift) and neither had any red bulb in the hatch light (and both had combination brake/tail-lights in the corners). It's different on the facelift models where they have a single-filament brake bulb (in the corner light) and LED light-pipes for the tail-lights in both the corner light and the hatch light.
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    I ignore them too. Don't want to waste my time getting angry at ill-mannered drivers.
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    I stay in the left lanes to try avoid this but if it happens cos someone is so impatient & desperate to pass I just take my foot off the accelerator & let the car slow down on it's own, they soon get the message & overtake. Stress disappears.
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    Essentially, I ignore them. I do take a deep breath and stay cool, calm and collected. I drive safe and smart i.e. defensively with about twice the braking distance so it is a relaxing non.stressful drive. Most definitely, I am NOT going to brake-check them. Eventually, the tailgater is going to overtake you and more than likely in less than desirable circumstances. Before my time, the girlfriend was driving and being tailgated. I understand that the roads were wet and she was driving below the speed limit for the conditions. The tailgater overtook her vehicle in a blaze of speed and disappeared into the curves ahead. Probably 5-10 minutes later, she came across their vehicle off the road and in a ditch with the occupants standing beside it . As she went passed them, she would the window down and said to them "Happy Motoring".
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    nice video ... sad but happy .
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    I have had my GT86 since last September and so far it is fault free. I am 183cm and about 110 kg. The seats are comfortable and plenty of head room. (mind you, the seats are down to their lowest adjustable level). I love the GT86 and would recommend it to anyone wanting a sporty drive.
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