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    First and foremost, Welcome to the community. Here you will be able to socialise with many other members of the community, seek answers to your questions, or learn something new about your car or other Toyota's. A common question that we receive here from a new member would be: - Why can I not edit my profile information / change my display picture / create a signature? As part of the forum configuration, you are required to have a couple of posts to your name before you have access to such features. Introducing yourself here counts towards that, so feel free to introduce yourself and let us know your story. If you would like to make a signature, may I direct you to the following thread. We don't want to be strict with telling you what to do, but this is just in the interests of the other forum members here to help maintain an easy to follow thread: Signature Regulations Don't forget as well to visit the Members Rides section where you can check out other members cars and to read more about them and/or check the progress of their modification work. Feel free to create a thread here as well to showcase your car. Even if you don't plan on doing modifications to it, think of it as a diary to keep track of anything that you do to it that you think may interest others. So come on, get active and see what the forums have to offer. Remember, before creating a new thread to ask a question, please perform a search. There is a good possibility that what you may have to ask may already been answered. Just remember when searching, the thread titles may not completely reflect your search term. Your search will return threads which contain your search term in the title and/or the actual thread itself. So if it returns a title that sounds sort of what you are looking for, just open the thread and have a quick look. It may just have the answer that you need. Lastly, if you like the community that you have become a member of and would like to show your support, you can become a Club Supporter by clicking on the following link: Become a TOC Supporter Kind regards, The Moderating Team
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    Nothing new, just pics.
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    Hey guy's i recently purchased a TRD aurion 3500sl, and i have noticed that these splitters stick out quite a fair bit, and they are also quite low to the groud. The last thing i want, is to hear that unpleasant "scraping" sound when entering and exiting driveways, especially with the current condition my splitter is in now. My car came with a factory satnav, which had been installed by the previous owner. No reverse cam was installed, So I installed an aftermarket reverse camera, which wasn't too difficult too do. After this was installed, i wired up a front view camera, and this is how it looks! works really well too, i can park the car with confidence and decide whether driveways are too steep or not. This took a while to do but i managed to work it all out and get it to perform perfectly. I will post up diagrams on how to wire these systems up, as they need a solenoid integrated into the wiring so that only 1 camera can be displayed at a time. I think this is a must do for all TRD aurion owners. The cars should have come with this from the factory! I will explain everything in further detail when i find my diagrams, and explain why you need the solenoid etc.
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    New Addition to the family, Landcruiser Sahara 2014, v8 First one built in petrol so far
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    Raining out. Couple of pics :) Make sure you watch the vid clip a few posts back!! LUKE IM IN LOVE BRO.
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    I have not used these forums in years, and it deeply saddens me to be back to comment on such sad news. I have known Pete since about 2010, but only had the pleasure of finally meeting him in person about 2 years ago. We had a very close bond in the short time of knowing each other. He never once had a bad word to say about anything. His beautiful personality and genuine soul touched those around him, especially me. He always cheered me up when I was down, always had answers to my questions, and he has taught me a lot about car care, photography and overall enjoyment of life. We had plans of heading to Japan together this year to run amuck. He was so supportive of me when ever I doubted myself. I truly learnt a lot from him. But most of all, I will not forget the time we spent together when we came down to Sydney in October, 2013, where he kindly picked us up at the airport late at night, and chauffeured us all around the big city the remainder of the weekend. I remember how excited he was to take us to Harry's to try out those amazing pies!! Pigging out on possibly the world's BEST kebab I've ever had and followed by the sugar high from those ever so sweet pastries you introduced to us from that town near your house. I was looking forward to the challenge of actually finishing mine the next time we got them.. Pete, I will miss you so much, as will the many other people whose lives you have touched in so many ways. I will no longer be able to wake up in the morning to the random photos/Facebook status' you tag me in. They really made my day, it will be hard here on out mate.. Love you, and until we meet again.. Tara xoxo
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    Sup guys just some piccys of the side project me and the missus were working on for the last couple of days when we had some free time, i found the 2008-2010 model scion xb of my car ( which is a rc shell ), i decided to buy it, it already came white so i didn't have to spray it either which made it abit easier, the front grills were a touch different but we tried to mimic the real beast as close as possible ;), its pretty much down now except for the white eyelids i am going to make out of white vinyl, i also made a cardboard platform underneath, i attached abit of velcro so i can stick it on my sub box for show, heres some pics.
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    HYDRO DIPPED !!! Got my whole interior parts Hydrodipped carbon fiber
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    So I'm sick and just had enough of sitting around so thought I would do an offset test. Results.... What ya think????
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    Thought i take some quick pics in todays weather.. Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
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    MY JOURNEY SO FAR FAR AWAY I bought this car off a mate, after owning one in the past I loved them to bits and couldn't resist buying another. I would have loved a manual one but the costs were 12-13k. I ended up picking up this baby for around $6k and was lucky to have a pretty impressive collection of mods including 17x7 +38 A-Tech rims, Blitz cat-back exhaust, Apexi N1 ATS silencer, Blitz DSBC spec R, Blitz radiator cap, Blitz boost gauge, Largus Coilovers and EBC Greenstuff Pads All Round. There were a few issues that needed to be resolved such as the non working sunroof, noise at Front Struts, and a Small Oil Leak. The small oil leak ended up being the rear main seal which I knew would be a big job but still persisted. The first thing to come off was the roof racks. I doubt i'll ever use them but it was good to keep them just in case. I had my old wheels from my celica (and prior to that they were on my original Caldina) which I was quick to put on. CHECK OUT MY BOOTY Well I like to keep busy so shortly after this I chucked on the rear aero kit rear bar. It went on really nicely and only took about 15 minutes. I cleaned the area behind the bumper nicely and bolted everything up. The under side of the lip will eventually require a bit of attention from a plastic welder as there is a small crack down the bottom of one of the mounts and one on the left hand side. Notice my traditional "TRD" addition to the car? I love those decals lol. Now to find something TRD to put on the car to make the sticker relevant lol. I am on the hunt for some better nick aero kit sideskirts as the ones I have at the moment are in need of some work as well. The muffler sits a bit off, but this should be resolved quite easily with a visit to the muffler shop. Well not to leave things half finished I then went on to do the front bumper too. I really love the look. The only issue I had was with one of the fog lights having a blown bulb and I didn't have one spare. They are quite difficult to take out so the bumper will likely come off again in the near future. Its all coming together yay CAPTAIN WE HAVE GASThe next step was to get the Air Conditioning regassed, I took the car to the mechanic, the air conditioning gas was reconditioned and its super cool now I took the time to clean up a few things that I was meaning to do. I got a GPS/BLUETOOTH/DVD headunit online the other week and got around to installing it, it fit in really nicely. I wouldn't mind spacing out the headunit slightly further out (was thinking about elongating the mounting holes). I removed the back trim on the hatch (it was damaged) and found a bit of damage doh :( I am hoping that the Panel beater will be able to remove them (even though you won't see it behind the trim its nice to know that its all straight. I plastic welded the hole, it still needs more work but its better than what I had before. I found that cable ties are an excellent source of cheap plastic when plastic welding: My Cusco Rear Sway bar is on the way from Japan. Can't wait to get it installed. THE PHOTOSHOOTI then went out to take some photos of the car. Still needs to be lower (coilovers sitting at stock height nearly) I was driving around for the first time since I got the car back and noticed it was down on power, I noticed I was only boosting to .5 bar. I may have hit the boost controller when cleaning. A quick phone call with the previous owner and it seems that the car was on the low boost setting. A quick adjustment and the car is back to normal now. Big difference from 7psi to just on 12psi now. I was wondering whether the st215 has a boost cut? I wasn't sure where to adjust the boost controller to (was thinking 14-15psi) THEN IT HAPPENED. I was cruising around while filming on my GOPRO with a mate and the gearbox started playing up. It would knock from 2nd gear to 1st coming up to a stop and it would miss second gear completely. The decision came to do the rear main seal and put in a manual transmission. I had a list of parts required for the Manual Conversion : Gearbox Flywheel (now machined) Clutch Kit Clutch Slave Cylinder All Clutch Lines Clutch Master Cylinder Clutch Pedal Brake Pedal Gear Shifter New Rear Main Seal New Flywheel Bolts New Hose from Hell New Hose From Hell On Earth New Pressure Plate Bolts Rear Manual Differential Driver Side Manual Driveshaft Shifter Cable Plate (at base of floor near gear shifter, allows cables to go to engine bay) Steering Wheel (if I want to remove the triptronic buttons eventually) Dash Cluster (for removing all traces of Auto gear indicators) 75w-90 Gearbox oil 75w-90 Diff Oil 5w-30 Fully Synth Engine Oil Z386 Oil Filter The gearbox was ordered from NZ since it was considerably cheaper. 2 months after ordering the transmission conversion kit it arrived. ALL but the Transfer case, for some reason it was removed prior to posting. I spoke to the wrecker and they mentioned it would be sent seperately. THE DRIVE TO TULLAMARINE I had to pick up the transmission from Tullamarine. What a big job that was. I went from the transport company, then to Customs, then to a Custom Broker, then to Quarantine, back to the transport company for a quarantine inspection and then I was on my way. The one part I was worried about the most was having to drill through the firewall for the clutch pedal and clutch master cylinder. I was happy to see that there was markings already there in the panel, they just needed to be drilled out. the previous owner had used this hole to route the boost gauge lines but this will have to be reallocated at some stage. TEST FIT INITIALIZEDI test fitted the shifter to see how it would feel. Its a bit of extra motivation to do the other parts and get it on the road. The gear knob has a great weighty feel to it, pity its very worn (some of the stitching on the other side has lifted) I got the clutch and flywheel from the car in NZ so I will be able to get the flywheel machined (the clutch will be binned) I got my Manual LSD rear diff. It needs a really good clean though. The Wrecker in NZ was very comprehensive, all bit and pieces were included. The glorious manual ST215 Manual gearbox Parts that have so far come off, In all good time they will go back on. THE CLEAN UP I put the gearknob in a container with some washing detergent and hot water, the amount of grease and dirt that came off it was aweful. I covered the gear boot with some washing detergent and hosed it off. Seems to have worked well. Great to see the manual shifter in place, the auto shifter is looking on with disgust in the background now that someones living in his old home. I caught a quick shot of my car taking a stretch lol MAKE UP TIMEI ended up painting the gearbox and a few of the brackets. Wow what a headache that was. I'm still waiting for my transfer case to arrive, it should arrive any day now. Its been 4 months without a car :(. I wouldn't mind normally but this isn't the first time i've had a car off the road for at least 4 months haha. Still sitting in the same spot unfortunately :( I can't wait to get it out. FLYWHEEL MACHINED AND PARTS ARRIVINGMy flywheel has now been machined, I love the look of a freshly machined surface, makes me want to frame it and not let it get dirty haha I have my pressure plate bolts and Form In Place Gasket Orange coming from Castle Hill Toyota. Couldn't say enough nice things about that place. James has been awesome to deal with. Still waiting for my transfer case and other bits that were missing. Bit of a headache but what can you do. Waiting for an ETA on the delivery as i'm not sure how long it will take further on. Been 5 months without a car and its really getting to me now, especially annoying when having to get to work. I'm still riding my electric chopper bike 10km each way to work, while it is enjoyable I would love to get onto something with more than a kw of power (the bike has about 500 watts of power). The rear main seal is all ready to replace the existing leaking unit, from what I can tell in the steps Rona outlayed a few years ago the engine out process isn't too bad. Getting the awd gearbox seems like the most frustrating time consuming task yet.
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    It might be time for a driving style change Ben, your infringement history is quite long from memory.
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    Hi Rich. I have an 07 Aurion with the same issue. Seems to be a growing problem for toyota spanning a few models. I contacted toyota and they said they won't help. I'm thinking of taking this further. Reflection is bad when driving and resale value has obviously plummeted. Not sure if this would affect airbag operation.
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    Had a go at polishing the dish of the OGs. Not the best as i was doing it by hand, but definitely an improvement from before. Didn't take any before pics, but it has a slightly more mirror-like finish than at first. Pictures:
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    Sneaking into Olympic Parks NO GO ZONE last night.
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    The following rules apply to the Buy and Sell section: All private vehicle sales must be made in the Toyota's For Sale section. No commercial selling is allowed. Traders must read the terms and conditions located here: http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/terms-conditions/ or alternatively contact management who will point you in the right direction. Sale posts may only be made in the Buy and Sell forums. The Sale Template below must be used for all sale threads including vehicles. You may only 'bump up' your item once every 48 hours. Bumping includes any posts made in your for sale thread that are not adding additional information related to the item, or answering questions from other users. At the discretion of the management, posts may be removed at any time without notice; and if deemed necessary the member may have their access restricted. The eBay section is not to be used for private or trader sales, it is for eBay finds only. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate in contacting a member of the management team. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sale Template Please remove the italicised portions and input the relevant information. * In the title of the thread you MUST include the state the item is located, for example: [NSW] 1990 Toyota Corolla SX Hatch Item: Location: Website: <If selling on eBay / Carsales> Item Condition: <New/Used/Refurbished> Reason for Selling: Price and Payment conditions: Any additional information: Shipping: <Willing/Not willing to ship or Postage at buyers expense> Pictures: Contact Details: -------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    The world is watching and waiting so here we'll see what owners and tuners have to offer.... Reads pics only but an odd comment is expected ;) I see 2000GT in this shot
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    Hey Guys quick breakdown of my new Ride Old Vehicle - Toyota Aurion ZR6 2/2010 - 2/2013 New Vehicle - Toyota 86 GTS w/ Aero Kit Delivery date: 5-4-13 Modifications carried out: Personalised plates PUR386 (PURE 86) BC Racing Coilovers Tint - 35% drivers and passenger window 30% rear window and small windows StreetFX Lighting upgrade: Foglights, Reverse, Licence plate, Dome and Boot light. Vertini Magic 20x10 matt black 235-30-20 Turbo setup thanks to Kalen Gray Garrett GTX2867R Tial exhaust housing PWR cooler Turbo smart gate Custom manifold – Titanium heat wrap Fuel System: Deatchworks 290l/h Fuel Pump Port 550cc injectors Boost Gauge in air vent Koyo Radiator Custom Catch can and braided lines - Built by On Boost Customs Custom Crash bar - Built by On Boost Customs Custom oil Cooler setup Fog light delete (oil cooler position RH)Results: 165Kw on 5.5PSI (initial setup) Greddy infotech display Quck Snaps: at Delivery Standard Height First Box of Goodies at workshop 86 :P With Coilovers fitted White GTS / Silver GTS Aero
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    Aurions are popular enough, statistically you will end up finding a driver who is an attractive female. I am sure there are mingers out there as well. I reckon with that money you can easily get yourself a different set of alloys that will look as good and not cost you so much. $2480 for set? Yeeeeeowch!
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    I have the same issue with my 08 Camry Altise, the dash area is melting. I'm the second owner, just took the car to a dealer for 90k service today, was charged 670 for service and 3000 for total repair. Am I being ripped off
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    Okay, yes this is very confusing. First, you said that it was the normal time/normal meet, and now it's a brunch meet ? If something's going to change, it would be helpful if the new time and new location was more specific. If it's left to the last minute, I'm sure a few people on the list will have to drop out as they'll be busy during new time.
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    Going through my video camera and found a really old video of my drag race I did a few years back. 15's aren't great but with a full tank of fuel, spare wheel, ugly 20" chromies and before exhaust mod I think its ok. Oh and video quality ain't great either.

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