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  1. Damn its been a while...

  2. johnnieboi

    dee's daily

    nice work andy. Handling ftw!
  3. Goodstuff MC. Certainly been worth the wait :)
  4. Yo check that phat a$$! Nice lip too, subtle anf neat.
  5. Hrmm.. im up for bowling. Laser skirmish... hrmmm.. i dunno. Feels like a half version of paintball instead of camoflage you get bright flashing lights where EVERYBODY can see you no matter how stealthy you are.
  6. Damn TOCA site has upgraded hardcore... sigh.. FT86 background doesnt help at all...

    1. .gorgz


      sure it does, makes you want an FT86 even more :-)

  7. For Sale: King Wheels KG5 17x7 5-spoke +42 Offset Stud pattern 5x114.3 (Powdercoated Orange) with Bridgestone Potenza RE001 215/45/17 tyres (40% approx tread left) Very good condition, no gutter rashes since it was powdercoated march last year. Comes with x4 hubcentric rings, standard lug/lock nuts for each wheel and socket adaptor. Also have spare KG5 wheel in original black/chrome without tyre (Can be used as a spare) thrown in as well. These wheels have done me well over the last few years but its time to move on. :) Most of you know how it looks but ill post up a few pics when i can. Wheels are still on the car but will take them off tomorrow arvo. Letting them go cheap guys. Asking Price: $500Firm PM me for any questions. Local sale priority. Western suburbs VIC Johnnieboi *Thanks for the quick approval Duy.
  8. Just msg me pete. I'll be there with ya, sun or rain, light or dark. You know me:)
  9. johnnieboi

    New FT-86

    Hurry up and release it already with the supercharged model so i can get one. I like how TRD and Modellista have a plethora of parts ready for it too