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  1. DUDE! That light looks so damn fine. Where on earth can I get myself one of those?
  2. spotted pre facelift stivo on church st getting pulled over by the cops. Someone's been naughty.
  3. OUCH OUCH OUCH! damn mate, thats really harsh. I really feel for ya cause its happened to me once befoe, not on the current rolla but. Hope u can get it fixed mate.
  4. 2IC???? whats that lmao... i also work for fresh produce down at coles lol but da boss decided dat da latest would be 8pm neva past that unless its like a special occation like christmas lol which we stayed till 9pm anways i spotted a rolla with those JDM style lights near plumpton hahaha, 2IC means 2nd In Charge, as KEN33F mentioned :D awww, didnt see ya. Too bad, next time! Nah ive neva had issues with em, even when i drive past em during the day with them on, they dont seem to be bothered by them. I even drove past 2 coppas on the way home tonite, no problems.
  5. im the 2IC for produce, i normally dont work this late but were doing afew changes in the next few weeks, or maybe were under staffed, so sometimes i might have to work late.
  6. oh ok mad!!!! heys maximas u able to come to the Penrith aqua golf club meet dis friday at 9pm?? or u working m8y well im workin till 9, but i also have to see if im doin anythin that night or not. Hopefully ill be able to come. :D
  7. hahahahaha, i was washing my car last week at the mt druitt wash your own car place (dont know wat its called) and i was talkin to the owner of that supra as we both were chamoising our cars lol. good bloke :)
  8. hahahahaha, this is hilarious. thats the second time u saw me and i didnt see u. I was parked outside of work, so feel to hop in and say hi. I work at woolies btw.
  9. hahah go for a drag one day :P lol but i am sure ur nice corrolla would win

  10. hahahaha, yeah my mate was in a bit of hurry to get home. where abouts did you see me exactly, i didnt see you.
  11. thanks heaps, i didnt get the black ones because i thought the contrast between the black and the silver was abit too much for me. IMO But i really like those light, and everyone else ive seen just has the altezza or the orginial ones. they are definetly unique! only a handfull of of people have these lights!
  12. dude, i feel so bad for what happened. How did u get the defect, did u end up in a defect bus or get pulled over randomly. This sucks badly! :(
  13. spotted nice clean red sportivo facelift on rootyhill rd today. He had his system pumping hard.
  14. Xracing, heaps good. www.xracing.com.au

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