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  1. I get my 'rolla serviced at Anthony Smith. It was a few months ago, but there was a black Sportivo sitting in their yard, had something like 1 or 2k on the clock. Perhaps thats the one for 23,8. 23,888 seems a fair whack in Anthony's bottom line if its a brand spanker, everyone else is selling them late 20's early 30's. I doubt he's buying them any cheaper than the rest of the dealers in town. moral of the story..dont feel too bad! :) cheers..
  2. Nice lookin sound setup skitzo. :D I'm runnin a pioneer head unit. 50X4. and one boxed 12" pioneer sub in the boot powered by a Boss Audio 1200w 4ch amp. Amp's only runnin the sub. Like you - i wanted a neat job as well - so i got mine put in $650 for sub &amp fitted. Still running the standard speakers out of the head. Have had to leave everything in a state so that i can pull it all out and put it into the sportivo im getting in may. (running a 2003 ascent at the mo) Once i get the new car tho will put new speakers in throughout, & run the sub and rears through the amp. I'm open for suggestions on that actually if anyone has a keen ear for audio - what do you think is the best way to run it in the sportivo.
  3. Well played! That looks pretty shweet. The fury's really suit it... height's just nice too. cheers.