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  1. I never watch that show but for some reason just flicked it on and couldn't believe what I saw Remember seeing the video when you first posted it up on here, along with the pics of repairing it haha. Threw a vote in yesterday for ya mate, good luck!
  2. Chizzel and hammer could do it Other options could be hairdryer and dental floss
  3. Wow nice effort there!!! Does look like a clean install too. I still can't help but feel that supercharger > turbo when it comes to these engines. Either way it would be interesting to see some numbers of dyno or 1/4 mile from that thing! (And if anything decides to disagree with the install)
  4. did he say he was after looks or performance The difference between 16' and 17' in performance is very very minimal, get 16' and generally most people will not be happy with the look as the wheel still looks more like a stockish sized wheel. If the difference were between 17' and 18' then I would agree with you that it would impose on performance. 2' upgrade on stock sized wheels is generally advised by professional wheel fitters and generally in most states road laws. Has to be a reason why they wouldn't be too bothered with that sort of upgrade. If you are talking about the weight of a wheel then as long as your carefull with what sort of wheel you get and don't get the fully sick style of chrome then there should be no problem.
  5. You can get the pocket from either toyota or any other decent audio installer, if your getting the cd player installed professionally they will do it anyhow. 17' rims at least, don't bother with 16's... they just look too small. Don't bother resetting the ECU unless you have performance mods that seem to be acting a bit strange or you have just installed a new performance mod (such as exhaust, CAI, headers, etc.)
  6. X Speed are the cheapest i've found, then again.. never taken my corolla there just my wrx. Tis a modified corolla bonnet similar to the style of the c-one bonnet. In my humble opinion if you are just starting off driving and modifying you can't go past a 1zz, sure if you have spare cash lying around and a fair amount of driving experiance then go for the sportivo. I made loads and loads of mistakes in my little ascent, and lived to tell the tale. conquests are a little more on the 'luxury' side, for the cash I would probably just get an ascent if you are going to modify. The normal corolla's will never be a fast performance car as much as I wish they could be, however you can certainly make it much more fun to drive. TRD CAI, catback exhaust, extractors, ecu management, short shifter, trd flywheel, pressure plates, plus many other things are around to help you modify it. It certainly feels much better to drive when you start tinkering with it. Then you have the suspension debate where you will at one stage will want to do all the mods you can to the suspension With good suspension you will be able to outrun or keep up with the horsepower hero's around corners and roundabouts easily.
  7. Yay another Perthian Yup the TRD intake fits very well on the 1zz corollas, a normal workshop would take a little while to install it possibly as it's not one of the most straight of installs and generally if its a workshops first time fitting it they will take the front bar off and mess around with it till it fits right. In Perth there are a few places you can get the TRD CAI from, none will have any in stock however, most will play on their eastern contacts and get one shipped in for an average price. Heres a list of the places that could probably get one in: Technik car audio in Willeton Cypher industries X Speed There could be other places that could get one for you but I can't say i've had a need to go to any other workshops apart from these. Cypher would probably make you up a custom CAI i'd expect.
  8. vitagen keep an eye out for a silver bugeye WRX with plates [skrappy] going around if your at burswood much. :D :P Must say i'm a big fan of the newer sportivo's that have come out.
  9. Do you have a white sportivo by any chance? Believe I spotted you yesterday. If its not white then I think I still saw ya there. Can't remember the colour just remember a newish sportivo driving around :D
  10. I can honestly say that someone from here tied to a certain shop added me to msn messenger. Everytime I signed in they seemed to deem it okay to send me a message saying 'this and this would looks sweet on your car... buy from' and that would be the extent of the conversation. I'm not going to say what shop or business was doing this to me.. all I can say is that I also saw a number of posts on here with spam advertising too. Saying 'I got a CES exhaust.. its awesome' is a lot different to 'this would look cool.. buy from ....'. I have no problems with people mentioning products but when 'shop x' decides to promote its own business and spam around. Thats when it is going too far. recommendations are welcome... advertising is not.
  11. I have an auto, has a remus exhaust with a larger diameter of piping all the way through including the headers. Feels fine to drive, no loss of power, a little gain but not much. Feels great to take off hard, car makes a funny deep grumbling noise from extra torque and then slowly pulls off. :D Have a stock ecu, has never been reset.. the car learnt itself after a few weeks. Also have a CAI.
  12. That's not really the problem... The problem is insurance not paying out if you have an accident and they find out. Also.. should you leave your car in gear and start the car remotely forgetting... well... would make you look like a bit of an idiot.
  13. Nope, I have always used firefox and the search button works fine.
  14. If you have an auto then your best bet is to get that TRD ecu. Not many aftermarket ecu's around have the ability to run an automatic well... if at all. (talking about adding forced induction to the car in particular... piggyback system won't work well at all on a stock ecu... especially since the stock one can't see 5th injector) Motec would be the only one I would recommend.. but then your paying a whole crap load of money and ruining the cheapness idea.
  15. coilovers will let you dump the car on its ***** literally. Will cost about 2k to get very nice adjustable ones however... thats half decent. Adjustable coilovers are the way to go, not only does the ride height become adjustable to what you want but you can also have much more comfort driving than using a standard old low spring.