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  1. Hey I saw in the photos just wondering is ur slim rain visors up for sale?
  2. hey i pmd u abt the pedals and headlight isit not going through?
  3. 2166? thats cabra? no more than $20, but im in campbelltown why not pick up? heres a pick as for pedals no not new but in good condition SRI will fit no problems, but the heat shield if you wish to buy it will need a battery relocation. EDIT: added picks of tinted rears above, allso comes with JDM mod. hey just wondering wat if i just wanna buy the head lights without the swap? and does it fog up or any mist water gets inside?
  4. have any pic of the painted head light? im interest in the sports pedal too isit new?
  5. willing to ship to sydney 2166? if so how much?
  6. anyone selling the wing tips for corolla 2005?