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  1. Hey guys Not sure exactly what this one is called but its the flap under the aircon controls. Have a look at the pics but it seems to have snapped or broken and wont close. How do I go about getting it fixed? What needs to be replaced? Cheers
  2. Hey mate Dont touch that nut! Its meant to stay welded on.. Not sure if the guys are trying to be funny or if they are assuming that you have to get it off but that stays where it is. Theres a bolt that either comes with the coilovers or you re-use the original that goes straight into that nut from underneath the car the same way the stock ones are. Dont worry about the nut on top of the original suspension, the coilovers dont have that nut on the top because theyre adjustable. They should fit straight into the chassis with no modification to be done to the chassis of the car.
  3. Yep! Ran bloody late to work that morning too- Bankstown to Miranda in <30 mins -_-
  4. Come on guys, no need to judge the guy just because of his name and the area he lives in. If anyone is keen why don't you do your research and check it out yourself, what if the guy desperately needs the money and needs to sell?
  5. Spotted Dog-200 black facelift sportivo. Beautiful looking car
  6. Fellas if anyone is having issues taking the clips off, grab the smallest flat head screw driver you've got and squeeze it in between the screw in the clip and the outer ring and lift the screw then slowly turn it anti-clockwise, that should help because if you try turning the screw where the clip is, you'll be turning it forever. ;)
  7. Spotted a silver preface APY-03A (had a TOCAU sticker on the rear window)
  8. sorry, u need to clarify abit more... 2 sets of...? u mean 2 pairs of...? Sorry mate, my bad. Two sets of front facelift eyelids
  9. Loving my blackened headlights!

  10. Hey chrono, that is his headlight protectors i believe :D I really like the Headlight mod, well done! Evo Thanks Fellas! Yeah they're headlight protectors
  11. After some cooking and sore hands, the black surrounds are finally done!
  12. haha I was going to mention you in the thread because I stole your title. I'm planning on doing some mods slowly, first engine mod is CAI. What you've done with yours is very similar to what I've been planning to do to mine so you might see some resemblance down the line
  13. Today I thought I'd try to paint the headlight surrounds. I've done something very similar in the past so the oven trick worked really well. I under estimated the time it would take for the paint to dry so I've had to keep my car without a bar overnight. I'll have more pics when its all done