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  1. cam6

    shock absorbers

    Thanks Ashley Previously I had a 2000 Camry Grande for many years and I fitted KYB shocks. They were slightly stiffer than I expected but I also fitted King springs to stiffen up the suspension a bit ( for better towing of my 1 1/2 tonne boat - worked beautifully). I think the stiffer springs and shocks worked together pretty well. However, I've recently had KYB shocks fitted to the Kluger, and I'm leaving the springs as standard, and I find the ride now is a bit stiff for my liking. It certainly handles a lot better. But the thing is, I'm 75, and these days I drive like a
  2. cam6

    shock absorbers

    Hi all, I have a 2006 Kluger and I want to replace the shocks. Does anyone have any recommendations from personal experience for brand of shocks for the first generation Kluger ? Thanks John
  3. cam6

    Interior light

    Thanks for the prompt replies fellas.Now I know where I'm going,I'll fix it this afternoon.Cheers John
  4. cam6

    Interior light

    G'day all I have a 2000 model Camry Grande and the interior light in the centre of the roof (ie the light that comes on when the door is opened) has stopped working. I figure it's probably the globe gone. But I can't figure out how to get to it. From the look of it, the translucent face is not separate, so the whole lot needs to come out. I've tried to "pop" the light fitting loose, but it doesn't seem too keen to come out and I don't want to break the plastic. Does anyone know how to do it ? Is there a secret place to push /lever ? Thanks John.
  5. cam6

    A pillar

    G'day all I've got a 2006 Kluger and I want to remove the A pillar interior trim to run some cable down it. I've read the manual on how to disarm the airbag system. And I have plastic trim tools. It does look a tight fit. Before I get into it. Has anybody removed this trim ? Any suggestions ? Thanks John
  6. G'day all, About 2 months ago I bought a March 2007 Kluger Grande. Last of the first Gen. Klugers. I'm a bit confused about the all wheel drive system on the Grande. It's a constant all wheel drive system. Unlike the later AWD front wheel drive Klugers which transmit power to the back on demand. Is that correct ? Where I'm confused is from there. I believe the CVX model had a viscous coupling rear centre diff and a limited slip rear diff. But the Grande went to electronics and uses Traction Control and Stability Control to control the power to the wheels. Is
  7. On the subject of passwords. How do you change your password on this site ? I've decided to standardise my passwords on the various club sites I'm on. This came up when I put " change password" into the search section.. So how do I change it here ? Thanks John
  8. OK I'm surprised. But I guess that's the way it is. Thanks John
  9. Can anyone recommend a good Toyota mechanic in the Sutherland / St George area Sydney? Thanks John
  10. I've just bought a 2006 Kluger Grande. 106,000 kms and the NRMA Inspection said it was a good car. No real problems. The Inspector did say in his report that the front control arm bushes were worn and should be replaced soon. As far as the rear suspension is concerned he said that it was ok but showing wear consistent with the cars age and k's. Is this normal for the Kluger front bushes to chop out so soon ? I had to replace my Camry front control arm bushes at 240,000 ! (And I get the Camry serviced every 10,000 k's, and the mechanic knows that if anything need r
  11. I'm looking at buying an 2006 Kluger Is the stability control and traction contol on early Klugers switchable ? ie can you switch them off if you go off road ? I just had a quick look here but couldn't find anything about it Thanks John
  12. G'day all, My faithful old Camry ( a Vienta Grande - hence V6 engine ) has just blown a head gasket. I can't complain. I've owned it for 11 yrs. and its given good service. It's a 2000 model so 14 yrs old and done 220,000 kms. Of that 5 -10,000 would be towing my boat ( 1400 kgs. on the trailer ). 1) What does it cost to have a head gasket ( x2 ) repair job done ? 2) Is it normal for the head gaskets to go at this age /kms. ? Thanks John
  13. For general info - Toyota wanted $420 for the module!! Prior to the above post I was going to do it myself. Who needs it ? What made me a bit hesitant was that I saw the wiring diagram,and it showed a wire going to the computer. This had me puzzled so I chickened out. I didn't want to interfere with any sensor inputs. I paid an auto electrician to do it. Cost $77. In retrospect, the wire was probably just a test wire, so had no operational use, and could have been removed. John
  14. G'day all, I've got a 2000 model Camry (Vienta Grande), and the rear lamp failure module is playing up. Rather than replace it, I'd prefer to simply get rid of it. I regularly check all the lights when I hook up the boat, so why pay Toyota for an unnecessary complication? Has anyone done this? Did it all work OK? If so, can you give me a rundown on it? Thanks John

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