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  1. *rant* I absolutely hate the "its a FWD so cannot put power down" or "its a FWD, so it must be crap" brigade, especially when most are dynosaurs of a lost era. http://www.natsoft.com.au/cgi-bin/results..../2008.WAKE.S3.Y Look at the 1st 3 cars - Both Civic in position 2 & 3 are street registered NA cars barely pushing 150kw The skyline at the top is 400kw. Modern FWDs can easily keep and outpace alot of lot RWD cars. I've also seen and driven a number of FWDs putting out in excess of 300kw at the front wheels and they have no problems putting the power down. I never really experienced any torque steer on the Aurion? About 150kw at the wheels. Never said that FWD setup is crap but rather has limitations by design, the fact that FWD configurations have a dual role to steer and put the power down vs a AWD or RWD setup. Yes FWD cars can be made to go quick but my point is that for a like for like setup FWD cars come out second best vs a RWD or AWD setup. If FWD setups are so good why is that high performance manufacturers (Porsche, Ferrari etc) choose a RWD/AWD setup?? What about all the quickest motorsports racing series around the world like F1, indy, NASCAR, they are all RWD. Don't get me wrong i don't dislike FWD step ups as most of my previous cars have been FWD Honda Integra, TX5 turbo, Honda Accord Euro and now Aurion (1 AWD - WRX), but like i said they have their limitations by design. With the front struts and rear sway bar it has really improved the handling of the Aurion and used in sports mode i really enjoy driving the Aurion now as i have come to grips with the handling characteristics of the car. I am now used to corrective driving to combat the torque steer under full load but i still stand by the fact that the torque steer in the Aurion should have been engineered out and not something left to the driver to correct it especially in a modern day vehicle.
  2. I think the one you saw was this Jimco 600 KW 2GR-FE turbocharged buggy, man the 2GR-FE has got alot a tunning potential but in the Aurion FWD configuration is going to a major challenge........ http://www.toyotanation.com/forum/showthread.php?t=277636 Even in standard trim the Aurion torque steer is almost unacceptable in a modern day production car. Interesting that Rick Bramley from S.A managed to squeeze out 165 ATW KW with a Motec ECU and Commodore throttle body. http://www.toymods.net/forums/showthread.php?p=846955 Anyone know what the non forced induction 2GR-FE manages at the wheels??
  3. Sorry mate didn't know that there was this much interest ;) Based on the keen responses i reckon you guys could get a group buy going??
  4. Is it an Ultra Racing rear sway bar? how much was it? and how hard was it to install? Yep i got the UR front strut and rear sway bar. Its $193 for the front and $293 for the rear i got a $40 bulk discount for purchasing them both at the same time. Luis from Ultra Racing did say he was expecting a price increase from 14/11/08 so i'm not sure whether the above prices are still valid. As for install its pretty straight forward theres only three bolts on either side of the rear sway bar that you have to remove/install. It took me just over an hour and i'm not good at this stuff but gave it ago. Installation Lesson learnt: remove the rear Y exhaust splitter bolts X 2 (both left and right) and loosen/remove both X 2 rear exhaust bracket bolts that affixed to the chassis, if you follow this procedure then it should only take you about 20-30 mins depending how good your are :) I'll try and take some pics and upload them soon as i can its just a real busy time of the year with Xmas and all.
  5. Definitely i got the ATX model, which i think is the same suspension as the Touring?? If you just want to improve body roll then just get the Front Strut brace, as when i tested the handling with just the front strut brace it significantly reduced body roll without comprising ride comfort it almost felt like the factory ride.
  6. I got the Front strut brace and the rear sway bar installed on the weekend and i say its made a massive improvement in handling particularly in turn in. Body roll and under steer are also substantially reduced! It totally transforms the feel of the car i mean you can definitely feel that the car is more planted due to increased grip levels. I also love the flat neutral balance of the car when cornering so i'm a happy campe and would highly recommend this mod - great bang for buck. On a downside there is a slight increase in ride firmness due to the increase stiffness of the bars but it is totally acceptable for me (This is my daily ride).
  7. Having just brought the aurion and driven it over the last couple of days i can honestly say that i've been mighty impressed with the smooth power and acceleration of the 3.5 ltr. But in my mind one thing that i had doubts on was the reported wheels 0-100 sprint in 7.5 seconds. Judging by the seat of the pants feel to me it felt more like a high 6 second potential (have owned a mildly modded WRX before) but without having timed my own run from 0-100 didn't have the facts to prove otherwise. NRMA tests came real close. http://www.mynrma.com.au/cps/rde/xchg/mynr..._car_review.htm Carpoint test did even better :) "No surprise, then, that the Toyota took gold at the dragstrip; its 6.8sec 0-100km/h sprint out-pointing the Falcon (7.1sec) and leaving the Berlina (8.4sec) sucking dust. Remarkably, given this performance advantage, the Aurion also slurped the least petrol, recording an overall average of 10.7L/100km." Source: http://www.carpoint.com.au/car-review/2971876.aspx Kudos to Toyota in producing the ultimate sleeper family car thats also great value.
  8. Just brought these HID's from ebay http://cgi.ebay.com.au/NEW-XENON-HID-KIT-B...%3A1|240%3A1318 Got the 6,000k crystal blue H11's based on the advise from DJKOR and this visual site here: http://www.delonixradar.com.au/HID/ Found a install guide here: http://hid.poirus.com.au/index.htm Will let you guys know how it goes when its installed :)
  9. Thanks for all the feedback guys i ended up getting the tint done yesterday. Your right DJKOR they have made a big difference to the look of the car in a postive way. Don't know how much the ipod adapter costs i just found out on Friday night after doing some quick research on the web for an aux adaptor. "Out of curiosity, what colour did you end up getting?" i ended getting satin silver. BTW, How much did you pay for the set of sway bar?? Total cost for the front strut and rear sway bar is setting my back $471, i've just paid the 50% deposit and will pay the balance when the shipment arrives in about a fortnight. JIN where did you get the rear reversing sensors from? At $40 bucks that a bargain!
  10. Hi folks, Just brought a base model ATX which i've had for just under a week and i'm already starting to modify it :P Impressions of the Aurion so far: Pros: silky smooth performance motor Good on fuel for the capacity of the motor Six speed trans works well in 'D' mode and sports mode Low noise levels - surpresses external noise really well Controls & interface is functional and easy to use Cons: Handles like a boat Rear vision view impaired Large front A pillar also impairs views Seats need more lumbar supports can get uncomfortable on lengthy trips Torque steer under hard accelaration No trip computer as standard Stock speakers have to much uncontrolable bass and lacks clarity By floating around the forum the last couple of days i've become aware that the members here are really helpful and know their stuff keep up the good work and knowledge sharing guys :) I've places an order for the front strut and rear sway bar from Ultra Performance can't wait to get it installed as the handling definately needs to be improved! Next mods on the list in no order includes: * Window tints * 18 inch rims on probably 235/40 series tires * Lowered on X 4 King springs + proper aligmenent + installation = $495 (Awesome price quoted!) placing an order next Monday (wholesale suspension Blacktown) http://www.wholesalesuspension.com.au * Complete speaker upgrade * Ipod interface with Stock Toyota unit http://www.hitv.com.au/products/view.jsp?i...&category=4 Cheers Phons

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