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  1. Yeah i dunno if they make them any more but maybe they got a few spare, i bought a front and rear set years ago.
  2. Just for laughs i also dyno'd it. I have to admit for a stock sportivo it has mean stance on the dyno! I also think a mazda mps could be another option, but i like the short wheelbase with high rpms on the sportivo...
  3. Hi guys, I havent been on for a long long time because i sold my stivo then moved OS. Its been about 4 or 5 years and i miss my old prize so badly! It was a black sportivo 2005 model. Dual rear muffler that was on an upwards angle. Short shifter and bushings from TWM performance (loved this upgrade) debaged and toyota symbols sprayed black. Front and rear sway bars Low king springs Rear skirt put on that was pretty rare, so if you see any sportivos or know of any with it on that are black and have similar traits, please let me know. Front and rear eyelids color coded to match the black micra, but i later removed the rear eyelid and light to make way for blacked out tail lights. I lived in Balgowlah at the time and sold it to someone around Forest way/St Ives..... (Rego and plates have been changed) Im wonder if anyone has seen it around or knows the owner? I just want to know how it is going and maybe one day i will either buy a new white! But hopefully i could get my old one back. Im sure you guys know the feeling when you had a real good attachment with your car/s. I wish i took some better pictures so i could keep a good memory of it, but for now this is all i have..... Im having troubles uploading photos for some reason so here is just a few photos i have of it on my FB. Its a public album so you can take a look.
  4. Great point! I guess it comes down to how good the condition of the car itsself is too....
  5. Yes i understand what you mean, but im talking about buying one here with either of these engines installed. The market here has plenty of A31;s with these engines already inside! Im also in Thailand for reference and the laws arent as tight as bloody Aus hahaha
  6. Well guys, have been away for a long time traveling etc since i sold my Sportivo (miss it soooo badly) I havent had a car for a few years and i have ben riding around on motorbikes. Because its toyota related i have a few questions!!! So im currently living out of Aus for a few years and would like to pick up a cheap car for daily driving and fun cruising on the weekend. I have average experience with cars and do alot of reading on specs/stats etc. I would like to know some pros and cons from users here in regards to buying a 2nd hand cefiro with one of these turbo engines. Im a big fan of these 3 engines and there is a large supply of cefiros for sale with these engines available in them. Now obviously it depends how good the work has been done on the car, but for now i would like to be able to narrow my search on them. It will most likely be personal preference of which engine, but in regards for maintenance etc and less issues of modified engines i have heard the 1jz is quite reliable. Rb25 would be great, and the 2jz has always made me cream myself as a youngster watching my first mkiv supra fly by...... If anyone has experience in these engines in a conversion point of view, especially in a cefiro could you please let me know. I would be driving manual. A few of them have had LPG conversions not too fond of the idea and i have done some googling on LPG tubo cars, but could i get some light shed on the idea of LPG in a turbo car. The reason for buying a cefiro is because years ago they were a bigger import here and anything such as a skyline, or silvia/s14/180sx are a few thousand $ more than the cefiros that have had some slight work........hence the choice of the A31. I have drivin in some old soarers and a chaser. Ive never drivin a rb25det. They are all fun to ride in but now that im looking at 1 chasis and have to choose which engine its quite difficult! I enjoy my cars and im not too biased about them. Dont be upset or biased about a nissan running a toyota engine please!! Just give me your thoughts from a tuners POV. Thanks heaps! Any help will be much appreciated.
  7. very nice! very professional. i like it
  8. I'm here now, chilling with a few people. Should be a good day
  9. i already fitted mine on fri 27th nov. hehe the day after i got it =p. ill post pics up after tomorrows cruise. ****** off the scratched it though! ahaha
  10. hey guys, can i get some phone numbers of who is going. im from manly area and dont know my way around that area too well, except for the usual meets and i want to find it without a mistake. but if i do it would be nice to call someone just incase. ps it the turn off for the silverwater bridge before or after the train tracks heading to villawood.
  11. now if only the pics on the face lift one worked =p good job tho evil
  12. yea. i wasnt sure if you specifically bought the one im talking about though, thats all. Well when you do get your car back please post a vid hehe. thanks heaps
  13. My shifter and bushings were 350$ back in jan.........omg! Haha
  14. Hehe thanks guni, I'm more keen on the speedy lights or lenso type m look. I like your wheels too. But I want a lot of spokes. Also I'm not after wheels with a chrome lip