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  1. Hi mate, Just wanted your feed back on the BC - i emailed the company a few times to get some stats but they never replied to any of my emails. Cheers
  2. with all the base mods - cai, exhaust, coilovers a power fc will make a whole world of difference - its really the link that allows you to make the fullest potential from all your mods. somes new headers wouldnt hurt either.
  3. hi mate - i generally organise cruises every now and then but last few times have been a small but dedicated turn out of people. keep an eye out on the W.A cruise thread coz thats where everything is posted. Its a bit disappointing that there are so many toyotas in perth and heaps of ppl asking for cruises but no one responds or attends when one is made. hopefully at the next one this will be different.
  4. im still heading down with mole and1 - in case some ppl want to rock up but didn't want to reply to post.
  5. all these talks abt nothing happening in WA and everyone is so silent ? lol
  6. Hey Boys and Girls - im back again ... upon popular request ive made this quick meet and greet to put some faces to some new names. Tell me what u think . Date: Sunday 11/12/11 Forecast: Few showers possible. Min 18 Max 29 Time: 12.00pm Meet Place: Curtin Carpark will relocate to undercover carpark if it showers. Map: TBC Attending: 1. Cypher 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Just a simple meet and greet with everyone to catch up and newbie friendly as always. Cheers - Cypher
  7. welcome to the forum - we should organise a cruise / meet sometime .
  8. hrmm i wldnt use engine braking unless u have a a spare engine lying around like a race team. blipping is gd for rev matching as u enter a corner but comes down to ur individual style. anywayz back on topic - there are a few pads that are gd for the rolla. QFM- A1RM is what im trying atm. ebc reds are ok to but heaps of dust i find.
  9. hrmm should i continue with my build or move on .... hrmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lolz
  10. I dont think lift can "die" so to speak... u may need to take into consideration possible mods or temp of the day, oil temp and pressure when u kicked into lift. could be the type of engine oil he's using etc.
  11. the first one looks like powder coated Buddy Club P1's ?
  12. LOLz i wondered why that sti was sticking so close to me hahaha spotted And1, Jayme and Mole @ Kingspark ...
  13. y not b in both ? teccwa has just as many cruises but are still ironing out stuff like cams etc
  14. hahaha randomly ... thanks to my spur of the moment-ness yeah i've tried to organise a few formal ones - but the new gen corollas are pretty non existent in perth and mostly aurion and camry owners that haven't showed. so just easier for us to meet randomly lol

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