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  1. if only the 86 arrived before these dates :(
  2. G'day all, Up for sale are my stock parts that fit HATCHBACK (and SEDANS in some cases) corollas years 07-09 (pre-facelift & facelift in some cases). All the below parts were on my ascent 2008 zre-152. Please remember all parts are GENUINE OEM from factory. Parts and prices i'm looking for are as follows (ONO APPLIES - any reasonable offer won't be refused!): 1. Ascent spoiler in perfect condition (factory painted in black mica 209): $80 2. Stock airbox with tube & screws & stock panel filter: $80 (2 of the screw holes have been worn out because of the screws twisting into the plastic - still holds in place regardless) 3. Stock Tailights: $140 (will get photos up tomorrow) 4. Stock shocks & springs (done 5,000kms before changing to pedders lowering springs, so they are in near new condition): $150 5. Stock steelie wheels with hubcaps and GOOD YEAR EXELLENCE tyres 15x6 +45 offset, 195/65R15: $500 SOLD The stock steel wheels and tyres have seen about 2,000kms before changing over to aftermarket rims early on after purchase of the car, so tyres are pretty much still new with plenty of tread to go. 6. Genuine Netz Badge (Front) - Fits all 07 - Current Shape: $30 SOLD Please note shipping interstate and possibly international will be at BUYERS EXPENSE. Local (pickup - VICTORIA) gains priority over interstate/international buyers. Pickup location can be organised, just REPLY to this thread with your interest/offers or contact me on TOCAU private message. Thanks for looking Cheers, Tom
  3. shin0bi

    Actual ft86

    what is the PCD, need to preorder rims!!
  4. haha rhys i wouldn't know where to begin but probably wont mod for a while. need to save lol
  5. shin0bi

    My '08 ZRE

    So as some of you may have known, car is written off and will never be seeing the zre again. come june i'll be in a new toyota. i'll have a new members ride thread. see u all then!
  6. shin0bi

    New FT-86

    see all you fellow 86'ers soon!
  7. definately getting the 86 now. see you 86'ers soon!
  8. R.I.P ZRE

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    2. dutchie101


      Hope your OK Tom, car can be repaired, lives cant. x

    3. dutchie101


      * some cars can be repaired i should say :)

    4. shin0bi


      yeah im fine guys, thank god no one was injured on both parts. luckily all my passengers were fine. had it been half a second later i wouldn't see this forum again lol. so thank god. we'll see what happens in the next coming days. thanks for all your concerns, really appreciate it!

  9. im down for round 4, 5, 6, 7 etc so on. let me know when !!
  10. i like that blitz intake system coupled with the suruga speed intake pipe but that cold air feed.. how does it bring air up all the way there. correct me if im wrong but not really direct feed if theres bends, i got a similar set-up to that and not sure if its any use/benefits if it's got bends