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  1. hmm i might come too havent been on a cruise for a while
  2. woOhoo got spotted alot of corollas at flagstaff car park
  3. hey buddy im using Mtec super white globes for my car they are very very good! recommended!
  4. hmm i think ill be interested if theres like a good 7-8+ cars coming
  5. true alrite bbq is much better than fish n chips lol its more friendly :D
  6. we should have a bbq like last times mt dandenong cruise with the tegs chip in $10 eat for food and drink or what? or $5 eat for food and BYO drinks lets get the food happening~!
  7. i like the 2nd one ill put it on if u put it on vyet :D
  8. black rolla with lots of decals on it on ballart rd had a hood scoop too number plate TBT -??? yeah i saw u looking at me too
  9. Interested/Attending: 1. Jules/Des - RME1 2. Brandon - BigBum 3. John - gOODbOYz + SPTIVO and another sportivo mate 4. Carlo - IZZ-FE 5. Roy-1zzfewagon 6. Tony - Spec_black 7. 8. 9.
  10. there was a cop on the side of the road, but i though, what the heck, since im obeying the law anyway but he decides to flash me and pulls me over runs through a breath test, this and that all useless stuff and the last thing he did was check my ride height and it was below 100mm so yeah copped a defect then he had to get another defect or else he couldnt put it through, so i had to replace my blue parkers too low cars arent hurting anyone! i was 5km under the speed limit too
  11. my cars been raised :( been defected by the cops so not a low rider no more but count me in anyway :D
  12. so whats exactly happening? havent seen u guys for ages :(
  13. silver levin with decals all over it on ballarat road around hmmm...8.45am? B)