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  1. Hi all, I've entered the Meguiars MotorEx photo competition, so if you like any of my two photos below, please go into the link (below) and hit the LIKE button! http://www.motorex.com.au/gallery/ph...green-goliath/ http://www.motorex.com.au/gallery/ph...ars/toyota-86/ Thanks you!! Leon
  2. try asking on toyotanation.com you'll find more answers there...
  3. go thru royal national park, then sea cliff bridge, then wollongong , awesome drive!!! :D goodluck!
  4. pfft! so confusing! (I bet cops need to carry a manual book when they doing s mobile radar) one word Autobahn!
  5. hahaha! That's the picture i used when i was selling the my TRD spoiler (I even wrote "rear spoiler"). took me months to sell it but eventually a guy bought it back in USA. Goodluck finding it, as TRD don't make them anymore (well since 7yrs ago) If you want the full TRD bodykit (front lip,side skirt n rear lip) let me know. I have them still on my Camry. I might sell them by the end of this year.
  6. i think the trip computer is learning as you go. So the more driving you do, get smarter it gets....
  7. always best to remove old wax before applying new one. The meguiars General Purposed Cleaner/Degreaser should do it.
  8. I did mine 3yrs ago. Depends what kind of projectors you're getting, the ones that i got are from the BMW E46 (cost me $250 inc shipping from USA). When you're baking the headlights, don't put your headlight in with the oven on. Warm it up about 5-10mins (max temp), then turn it off and put one of your headlights in for about 3-5mins. Once the silicone/glue around the edges have soften, then slowly pry the lens. You need 4 screws to hold each projector in the headlight. Aligning them is the most annoying. But you should be able to do them over a weekend. here is my DIY link (really old, bu
  9. not too shabby, fill up 10L for my bike. got 15c off per liter :)
  10. what type of cloth did you use? a tip, try spraying the cleaner onto the microfibre cloth, NOT on the actual dash.
  11. I remember posting a guide here or on TN years ago about this... I don't remember roughly, turn the key OFF to ACC (3x as quick as possible, with all doors closed) then after this I THINK press the LOCK switch inside the car (near the door) then press the remote contol. but yeah thats all i remember.... :( sorry
  12. ^LOL.... yeah and your car has more power than the camry in the clip... (imagine if you had the Manual gearbox 5.5sec? LOL) that sure is a camry 97-01 model. we own a camry, and according to my GTech the quickest 0-100 for me is 7.8sec all i can say that was quite entertaining! :) was it on a flat road or hill?
  13. There's one in Thornleigh. Pioneer Avenue. don't know the business number, but they're the only one there anyway. Got 2 of my wheels fixed with them,

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