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  1. Location: St Ives Item Condition: New Reason for Selling: Received a company car after i bough this, never installed it Price and Payment conditions: $175 Any additional information: New with screen protector on same units sell on eBay for $300+ Shipping: Willing to ship or postage at buyers expense. Contact Details: Ben 0415 078 779
  2. A price would probably help. $125 Yeh its a bit to stiff for how i drive, was a bit of an impulse purchase
  3. Bump, Trying to purchase a 19mm, will pickon up this week so the 23mm will be for sale
  4. Hi CHasing a 19mm rear sway bar for my aurion need one asap! Please PM or contact on 0415 078 779
  5. One is 23mm and the other 19mm Looking to downgrade from 23mm to 19mm
  6. Yea there 17's There will be no comparison in cleaning, those 20's were an absolute pain
  7. Long time between posts New wheels, no more 20's!!! New ones are gmax drift 6 with yoko advn DB Excited about the bigger profile and getting some decent millage
  8. Yes, I believe Toyota will replace the hose free of charge even with expired warranty yes i found that is true, Car is booked in tomorrow Wish they would install the new whole metal pipe but all they do is replace the hose Cheers
  9. The wheels i am after are in Melbourne, and the stock 16" wheels don't fit anymore.
  10. In the process of buy some 17" wheels online and i just want to double check that they will clear my brakes. I know the stock 17" sportivo wheels clear. Was hoping someone could help me out with some measurements of the inside of the wheel or any other way to determine whether my new wheels will fit. Cheers
  11. O yea this just happened to me! Was very lucky that it was noticed and i didn't keep on driving. Oil was ****** out like in the video. Has been temporarily glued but i need to get it replaced asap. I assume i have no chance at claiming it under expired warranty