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  1. hmmm thats interesting, you can use it as either piggy back or a stand alone from what i read up, talk about versatile, and i noticed on a few forum mentioning Ray Hall, i wonder if thats the same Ray Hall who has a turbo shop in Cairns where i live! from what i hear he is bloody good with forced induction systems, might go see him once i get my s/c and see how he recommends to set it up!
  2. the problem there is how much engine room a celica has there compared to a corolla!been trying to work out exact s/c i will need thinking going down one notch as you suggested C30-74, but going to have to put project on hold for a couple of months (2 at most if i can) to sort out some Real life stuff! and where did you get the vipec from CHA54? cause for what it is that is pretty cheap!
  3. thats where the rotrex is different, it produces power differently to the trd roots style because its a centrifugal style, not trying to argue, but different s/c's do different things!, but i have looked at your threads, quite interesting, but how much did that vipec cost, i have tried looking around but only can find detail listings and no price, i was thinking for now of getting a Emanage blue, like what Evo7 is running, cause i don't think im up to using SA yet so a piggy back will do!
  4. but the question is what sort of supercharger did you use and what size turbo did you use, cause with s/c's there is a big difference in how they produce their power!
  5. heres a pic from a T-sport in the uk, using the same s/c, note he moved the alternator to the back see how tight it is without alternator, im pretty sure that distance between s/c and radiator would be illegal in QLD! he was lucky, his model has electric power steering, so firewall side has plenty of room and free mounting points to place alternator, but i really need to find time to take my car in and put it on a hoist, so i can get underneath and see how much room there is around and get some mates ideas about placement! but going to wait to do that till after i have the s/c, ecu and fuel system upgrades, which will be about 2 to 3 months time! , he also has a youtube video just look up rotrex corolla and its a grey colored one!
  6. well i have talked to a guy in England over his modded corolla T-sport with Rotrex, he had to move alternator to the back but his car had electric power steering, so there was a spare mounting spot with a small modified bracket to suit!, 2'nd there isn't enough room to fit it there, i have looked into other ideas, newest one, un-bolting alternator top blolt and rotating it down and having a bracket made to hold alternator and s/c, this would lower s/c engine bay height alot and not have it exposed as much through the bonnet, but this means the bracket may need to be stronger(don't quote me on this, i have no cad programs or anything like that to try and draw them up!) really don't want to mess too much with stuff inside the engine bay if i don't have to, but most likely expansion tank ins going to move!, a bonnet is easily replaced!, saw one at a wrecking yard for $40 no hinges, was tempted to buy it and cut hole, but no use until i have s/c for correct sizing, yeah i have measured things but rather see it! on the last note, i don't like turbos, yeah i know with the right internals they are very strong, but alot of small cars around my area run turbos, cause their a dime a dozen, i'm always different, my old quote "You say tomato, i say FOOD FIGHT"
  7. yeah been chatting with Evo7 about certain things, plugging a few ideas at him as well, now the question is money!! as with all mods, gotta balance RL and fun stuff! hoping about 2 months(3maxx) ill purchase the unit from Bulletcars in Brisbane, then i'll go from there, by the look of it, too much stuffing around to do an extended shaft, most likely going to have to cut a hole in the bonnet, and place a backwards scoop on it, and have the s/c over the alternator! so i will update on this, when i get the unit and will post pics of every step of the way (have 4x8gig sd sticks for my camera!), so this thread maybe at a stand still for a couple of months, but after that it will be a mixture of + + + which will result in
  8. Joy's of Cairns, QLD, been raining for nerally 3 days straight!

  9. ?? angry how do you pick that, if its about me trying to keep a forum on track, cause sick of reading many forums where someone asks a question and links 1 pic then forum turns into a trollfest of "no its this, or that, or your better off selling and getting a wrx" and if you read, im upgrading my faithful daily driver! if i wanted a drag car would get a v8! so removing p/s is not viable!
  10. how about i put it simply "Has anyone taken the pulley off of a Rotrex C30 style supercharger, and from what you have seen do you think an extension shaft drive (similar to the one i posted) can be used on it???????"
  11. to "Evo7" and "Reliable" comments: please keep on topic, i don't want this thread turning into another troll thread about what car this engine is from, and keep this thread about me asking questions about Rotrex Superchargers and whether this setup is possible with rotrex superchargers, cause if this isn't viable then 3 options are available 1: use something like this but with another pulley and belt to drive the s/c(which means more load on the motor) or 2:(the worst case scenario((the way more expensive option)) )i have to rip out my engine to move the alternator to the firewall side of the engine which is very low on the block as well! or 3: move some things to situate it! As you can see from my previous post like All corolla's of this model my pulleys are on the Right hand side of the car, and just to add my car is RHD (Australian Model). So the only thing that really moves is some piping for a/c and p/s from stock. as it is im waiting for a reply from a guy in England who's T-sport 2zz-ge corolla has this model s/c, im just waiting to see where he moved to expansion (radiator overflow) tank to and whether he moved to alternator, because it's not visable in his videos, and i can't find any local 2zz drivers who will let me pop their hood to check local of alternator! Hopefully im not wrong with my measurements, i (i really do think things out before i even think about buying them, so in other words, another month of measuring certain parts of the engine bay before i really contemplate buying this s/c), i might get away with just moving expansion tank and also a/c piping to accommodate this s/c, but when i do, end up deciding on any option, i will post a "FULL" how to and whats involved (both physical and cost (Australian Dollars) wise), most likey i will have to fully remove stock Rad shroud and fan and opt for 2x thermo fans on the front to compensate for the lack of wind tunnel affect from the shroud (where i live is very hot most of the year (tropical North Queensland, where the foam things around your beer keep them from going hot!)
  12. the main thing i really need to know is there a way i can run an extended shaft design on a rotrex or will i have to use a secondary belt design eg (engine side) Pulley===========s/c or Pulley==========pulley belt s/c with the s/c sitting lower, and having the engine side pulley above the alternator? a good example of this is off the Vortech site but i can't decern from their information whether they sell this as a spare part, or if its custom made, and also which of thier s/c would be the best then that adds i need to get another tensioner and also work out the pulley ratios?
  13. as you can see from this pic ture there aint much room on the corolla's so what i have thought of for 2 options is number1 easier option but trying to find info on whether i can do this with a rotrex is to run an extended shaft from this side over to near the gearbox and mount the gearbox seems to be an easier setup then option 2, which is, remove the engine completely and mount the alternator on the opposite side of the engine and mount s/c where the alternator was. i see option 1 as the more viable, it adds in shorter intake piping that could also double as CAI just by cutting a hole in the plastic in this next photo but i cannot find out any information from rotrex on whether i can use a direct extended shaft to their unit or whether its going to need another pulley and belt!
  14. i hope im not starting up an old thread, i have had a quick look through but no forum seems to have the answer im after, i'm looking at supercharging ol'faithful (03 1zz-fe corolla sedan) as far as i can find for price, servicing and longevity Rotrex seems to be the best option (C30-84 or C30-94 w/restriction sleeve) but the issue im running into is how dang tight the enginebay is on the pulley side, i had read on another forum (no one had posted for about 3 years, so i assumed its dead) that someone with a similar car moved the alternator to the other side, but left no pics about how he did this, whether he added extra tensioners, what the bracket he was that he used to mount it, nothing, so i was wondering if anyone has on a whymm moved the alternator to another spot to free up this area for a s/c option? ohh another reason im going for a Rotrex is how quiet they are, i love sleepers! if anyone is able to help shed some light that would be much appreciated!
  15. Would Love to but plannin on movin to the US, the missus is livening there right now, and plus, all the upgrades i can get come from there, lol, saves on postage