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  1. better use for our shopping centres :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_KIqdS1SO0...feature=channel
  2. one for K was 28+20 pounds, delivered. Do your sums on the exchange rate and extra charges for o/s card transaction (paypal is free but gets conversion bonus) and it comes close for just one. So not worth the trouble.
  3. Nope, not really. These are only good for fresh, wet snow and roads that have been salted and/or sanded (not done in OZ), i.e. when they can dig in through to the road. Once you are on compacted snow, or ice - these are useless, and on normal road very noisy. However, if you have them fitted with spikes, than it is a different story for use on ice. But we do not get these type of conditions here. Roads are cleared within a day. So chains are emergency only, unlike in EU, US or Canada. By the way, my Toyos have very deep thread so I anticipate they will do nicely in a fresh snow, the most lik
  4. OK, these can be good fit but......there may be an issue with the space between the tyre and the strut (very narrow in Kluger). I would ask or even test it before buying. Koenig make one for a narrow space (12mm) which should be fine.
  5. Two brands of chains are: http://www.autotecnica.com.au/snow_chains.html and http://www.konig.it/SchedaProd.aspx?ID=818 Either are available through different stores in OZ. Problem: none are matching Kluger 19 wheel/tyre size, but the first one is very close. Hill descent function is not reserved for off-road use (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hill_Descent_Control_system) but can be very helpful when going down on a slippery road, when sudden breaking can cause a nasty surprise - have seen few of these with heavy 4x4s or a truck
  6. Anyone within a Sydney/south coast/ACT area wanting to part with their factory wheels (4x100) due to an upgrade - let me know :)
  7. By law, we must carry chains even for 4wd cars, although normally will not need them nor would we be stopped to put them on. I never used to put chains on Magna 4wd (same constant 50% split) and did very well, even when "real" 4wd were having problems. Its the way you drive that makes the difference, mostly. Softly and smoothly does it!!! and using engine to slow and brake is a must!!! We also have an option of putting it into a snow drive mode (a button), and a descent mode (a button), which should help. Kluger should do fine except the factory tyres may not be very grippy in a slush or deep
  8. In that case swv11n you should visit the K&N website (http://www.knfilters.com/default.htm) and tell them so ;) They have done a bit of testing and for some of the elements (not pods of full intakes) they claim interesting improvements. But for me just not binning $50 every so often will be a good enough outcome, as will be the ability to maintain a well breathing engine with a periodical clean. OK, RICE here are some links for you (and others): the UK shop - http://www.filterpower.co.uk/index.htm and the element for new K: http://www.knfilters.com/search/product.aspx?Prod=33-2260 (Highl
  9. I just ordered (from UK) a K&N air filter for my K and other 2 cars. $50 for a bit of paper mache, or even more for another car, is just a bit too rich for me. So for a little bit more, I will get one that last forever and apparently offers other benefits. Pretty much half price (compared with Repco) for each including postage!!!. Clearly - this is still a penal colony Will let you know any performance/economy benefits.
  10. kwach10

    tyre wear

    That is odd. I thought my 19 inch was only 103, and compliant? How about bit more off road: http://www.toyo.com.au/OPAT.htm
  11. kwach10

    tyre wear

    Why not investigate toyos (http://www.toyo.com.au/OPHT.htm) - very happy with them on Grande 4wd, and they probably out-rate M on wear and performance. I have decided to never fit M based on really bad past experience - crap!
  12. A friend bough a set for RAV4 and was very happy with the next day delivery to Melbourne and the way these fit the car. Personally, I see no need but I am tall
  13. Not complaining just stating obvious! This ain't your Beetle/Lucas-style cartridge-type filter - have look before making an assumption. If folded, it will fit in a 20 cigarette box. 1. What has a limited but captive market to do with major savings in the cost and complexity of the manufacture??? Particularly, as there is no alternative for these cars, and the car manufacturer controls the supply until major re-tooling of after market competitors. In fact, every filter will be sold by Toyota probably for years to come. As the Toyota fleet is renewed Ryco and others will face a major challeng
  14. In case you have not looked yet, from Kluger/Aurion onwards, Toyota have followed the lead of some Germans and the oil filter is now an insert - basically a bit of origami (http://dev.origami.com/diagram.cfm). A similar case for an air filter element, though this time its flat and frame-less. One would expect a major "environmental" applause for that move, but media are silent about that, and I did not see Toyota trumpeting it either. Instead, they push nonsensical overall benefits of the hybrid technology, as do others with similar designs. Have a look at what a certain driving expert had
  15. try ebay - should be about $400 with delivery from Sydney ;)

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