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  1. Have you checked with another dealer? I needed a fitting template for my front parking sensors after after a crash repair. The template was only a sheet of paper which you cut out and then placed on the body to position for drilling out the holes. I went to the parts department and they were able to email me the PDF version of the template which they accessed through the dealer network. If the template is the template is a sheet of paper rather than a plastic or metal item you should be able to get it. Alternatively you may just need to pay to have a dealer install it.
  2. Kesawi

    Tyre pressure

    40 psi is fine and generally recommended for reduced tyre wear and improved fuel economy (see What PSI).
  3. I have the rear 2010 rubber floor mat in my 2008 KX-S Kluger. It is almost a perfect fit except for a few minor areas. The seat mounts and a few other minor areas must be 10-15mm different in a couple of places. I've included some photos below. Overall rear mat. Rear mat around centre console. The 2010 kluger must be slightly narrower in a few dimensions here. Front seat mount clash with rubber mat. This is really minor, and the mat naturally adjusts so that it only impacts one corner. I don'have the toyota mats in the front, just some Road Gear deep dish mud mats which I picked up from SCA. They fit pretty well although I had to trim the corner off under the accelerator pedal as it was preventing me from full depressing it.
  4. The load rating for the roof rails is in the owner's manual. From memory it is 75kg for the kluger. That is gross weight including the weight of any cross rails or other hardware.
  5. Anyone know where to get the $340 price in Brisbane? Called up a few Bridgestone dealers and was quoted the standard $542 each. K-Mart will do it for $385 per tyre.
  6. Kesawi

    Dealer Delivery Fee

    If it's not listed in the contract then depending on the actual wording you may be entitled to refuse to pay it. I suggest you contact your state's office of fair trading and local motoring club (RACQ, RAA, RACV, etc) for advice first before paying anything. The dealer could have made a mistake which will save you some money.
  7. Kesawi

    Kluger KX-S

    Have a look at the following threads: aftermarket gps for kx-s kx-r Fly Audio GPS DVD Install flyaudio easypark kluger gps review With the factory roof mounted DVD players you will lose rear vision, but the alpine doesn't protrude down as much. See this post for pictures.
  8. To access the phone functions you need to press the green handset button, then turn the tune knob to choose the option, and press the tune knob to select. The green handset button also answers calls. The red handset button gets out of phone mode completely and hangs up a call. To pair a phone you need to: Press the green handset button Turn the tune knob and select BLUETOOTH turn the tune know and select REGSTR PHONE It should display HANDSFREE. Scan for bluetooth devices on your phone Select HANDSFREE from the list of devices The pin code will show on the radio display and enter it into your phone. The radio display will show WAITING and then COMPLETED once connected Press the red handset button to exit the phone mode. You can change the bluetooth pin somewhere under either BLUETOOTH or SETTINGS. You can pair multiple phones although you need to manually select which one to use. This occurs under BLUETOOTH->SELECT PHONE The unit will not download and store your phone's address book, however you can assign up to 6 speed dial numbers by using the 1-6 keys on the unit. There is a setting under PHONEBOOK somewhere. When entering names and numbers you will need to hold down the Tune button once the last number/characted is entered. There are two ways to make a call: Dial the number from your phone to initiate the call. The call should transfer to the handsfree once it starts dialing. For the programmed speed dials, hit the green handset, press 1-6, hit the green handset. To end a call either disconnect with your handset or use the red handset button on the unit. Turning the volume button during a call changes the speaker volume of the call. There are some other functions, but you will need to explore the menus. The handsfree functionality is pretty basic. You can only access the calling functions for the handsfree when the vehicle is in motion. Hope this helps.
  9. Had mine replaced on Friday. Voice doesn't cut in and out anymore, but am told I sound like I'm talking right up against the microphone. Replacement unit is the same as the old one but with updated firmware.
  10. Raised the issue regarding terrible audio on other end of the line with the bluetooth handsfree in my KX-S today at the service. I was told the unit was checked and a replacement with updated firmware was being ordered. I was advised the test method was to use a iPhone 4 to check call quality. Given the recent events in Japan, parts are at least 6-8 weeks away.
  11. It may fall under the misleading and deceptive conduct provisions of the trade practices act. Just keep pestering them and take it up with the office of fair trading. If you become a big enough pain then maybe they will just swap it over to get rid of you.
  12. I've checked my credit card statement and the 2nd row mat was only $39.60 from SciFleet at Kedron. I didn't buy front mats as I preferred the deep dish mats from SCA as IMHO they provide better coverage behind the pedals.
  13. For those of you that may be interested, have posted a review of the 2010 Kluger KX-S: