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  1. My life now is wife and kids lol. Dont even have time to hand wash the car. Ah well. Did add rear bar a couple of years back or so just before the second kid came along haha.
  2. Try this https://www.camryforums.com/how-tos/a/toyota-camry-how-to-replace-dome-light-396498
  3. Yeah my thoughts too a total shame. Not sure how insurance would go with a rollcage etc.
  4. Found this when looking at wheels on Gumtree. It seems Toyota Australia in 2008/09 approached Auto Salon to upgrade a Yaris and a Rav 4 for a car show. Almost a decade along the Yaris is up for sale. It appears to have also lost its original titanium wheels as well. https://autocity.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/witheren/cars-vans-utes/camouflage-toyota-yaris/1139136727 Here is some original info on it: http://www.automobilesreview.com/auto-news/toyota-yaris-and-rav4-get-the-auto-salon-treatment/10756/ And you can find plenty of articles on it including posts from the head of th
  5. Whats the chances these transfer to a 2013 Camry? Any clue? Are the rotors from a TRD too?
  6. Will def have eq adjustment as my atara s does from 2013 with a standard speaker system.
  7. 100% the Kluger. The multi spoke is sportier and more modern than the original wheels.
  8. I've been lookin at the Fortuner. Some reviews online are saying that its good off road but not so much on the bitumen. How are you finding it? And how does it compare to the Tarago?
  9. Phil, i too recently changed to 19"s and have issues with scrubbing on bumpy roads when i have passengers in the rear. Do the standard height king springs have a stiffer spring rate or what?
  10. I bought this filter wrap for mine when i purchased my SRI.
  11. I don't think i've seen this much effort in such little time. Great work.
  12. 100%... Im gettin eyelids painted body colour this week, otherwise it kinda looks like a cheap add on.
  13. Pretty sure Slide Industries has folded according to other posts on the site.
  14. Second attempt at an aftermarket rear bar... pray for me.
  15. *Applause for patience level 1000.
  16. Haha man... That looks mint. is the just one piece? how did you go around the egdes etc? decals?
  17. Good work man. How much in vinyl costs? sizes ordered? Just cheap ebay brand?
  18. Interesting work, what's more interesting is the name for the Green Tea product, what will happen to me if i drink it? Inner Samurai?
  19. Hey Tone, I think the wheels were about $1700 including shipping from Japan. So got the camry sold. Still team Toyota? Still got coils or air kit? Mufflers?
  20. There's this product as well: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/4-USB-Multi-Ports-Power-Car-Charger-Wall-Adapter-Home-Travel-For-iPhone-4-5-iPod-/131584386833?var=&hash=item1ea30a6711:m:m_uGHHZQVoJXzglsaiLeMWA
  21. There's plenty of stuff especially out of Thailand / Japan.
  22. Kanmuri79


    No advice but keen to see how you go. Post pics if you can.
  23. Pretty quiet these days... lots of ideas but not much cash to spare. I de-monobrowed my Camry today, almost had the car 2 1/2 years, so at this point I'd just prefer looks over protecting the bonnet. Also no pics of new wheels on until now.

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