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  1. For Sale from my 2005 Corolla Sportivo Cylinder head (no cams) Intake manifold (no throttle body) Make a offer and will send photo's. Located Marsden Park Sydney
  2. +1 on the rda dimple and slotted. i have these, with ebc green stuff pads, mate, she stops i can tell ya that. saved me from accidents numerous times. once thing i always say, never cheap out on brakes and tyres. its what stops u from going to the grave. !
  3. what ? i through a celica box in my car.... its just the selector thats different. 4 14mm bolts.. pretty sure ive got a spare rolla selector too ! its just the ratio is different in 6th i believe. someone rant on how im wrong.. but yeh ive got spare parts for a rolla gearbox.. also spare engine minus 1 piston.
  4. U go on a cruise say 2009? Was through nasho park down Wollongong then through jambaroo mountain then the pie place? Swear I went on a cruise when I first bought my rolla with this car.. I think you should try and sell it unregistered for something but don't budge because let the buyer know your not desperate it's been years and fully owned it can stay longer lol Or keep it as a track for yourself
  5. Whoah what do you mean tentioned ??? It's self adjusting. It's a chain Why do you think it's rattling??.. Does it rattle with the drive belt off ??
  6. Ebc for sportivo? Should of ordered celica pads
  7. Your missing a turbo Benifits of Na car are very minimal. Huge Job just for valves.. You do know the head has to come off ?... You want to rev it more? Gonna have to do your oil pump aswell.. As for your 2nd gear problem more than likely your clutch, not gear. And LSD are like 1200 bux just for the part. Already does 2 wheel burnouts :p Not discouraging you..
  8. Vacuum leak, did u plug up all your hoses you disconnected ?
  9. If your going to do a conversion I reckon go for a sportivo and do it
  10. I bought a kit, with all 4 mounts from the states But I think I had to change a part on it for the drivers side to fit but yeh pretty sure no dramas
  11. I you have the new badge you'll be able to see how the old is clipped on ;)
  12. Get a test light and see if it lights up when you use your fog lights. If it does just do what you've said and hook both lights to 1 connector. Lots of cars do it
  13. Wait what? Maybe you should ask yourself is you trying to do drifts, in a fwd car, stuffed the handbrake causing your wife to think she's at fault? And if you knew the handbrake wasn't holding do you think it's a priority? I made the mistake for leaving a handbrake to be adjusted at the next service and same thing brother borrowed the car, rolled down the street.. I adjusted it the next morning If its adjusted correctly not much more you can do, is your handbrake apart of the rear brakes or does it have shoes in the rotors (separate to the rear disc brakes) I've seen (if it's shoes) the inside diameter worn excessively in the disc so the shoes down work good no matter how good the adjustment is.