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  1. sorry about posting the pics of the incident but as no one was hurt and no real damage done, I thought Id post them sory if I have caused any trouble or embarrassment as for plates I dont usually obscure them if the cars are not doing anything illegal which I dont think any one was from memory cheers
  2. https://picasaweb.google.com/MIFIPhotography/TOCAMeet2011 Just added Sundays Cruise and karts sorry I didnt get many cars was hard to get everyone on the cruise
  3. some pics from annual meet Sat Ill have Sun up later cheers https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink
  4. some pics from annual meet Sat Ill have Sun up later cheers https://picasaweb.google.com/MIFIPhotography/TOCAMeet2011?feat=directlink
  5. Great week end thnx to all that came along thnx to admin guys for putting in the hard work behind the scenes as well I think the weekend went off pretty well thnx also to the interstate guys and girls for making the trip was great to meet and chat with you all had a ball today on the cruise as well will try and get some pics up soon and Ill let Blake know cheers for that
  6. 51DER

    Aurion On Air

    amazing looking car mate top shelf
  7. theres a few nice white Aurions in the Boondall area latly
  8. mate welcome to the forums your car is coming along nicely love the white, (dont notice the dirt as much lol ) keep the mods coming and be careful lowering it too much or you will have probs for sure cheers
  9. omg finally wish they had the other version though and I would be worried about the ccfl other than that way cool
  10. welcome aboard look forward to seeing the new ride if iys a brissy car then I should know it :)
  11. Steve car is looking awesome mate once its back on the road then I think we better take some time to go do some new photos of it :)
  12. 51DER

    Vick's Aurion

    look forward to seeing them on the car when they are right
  13. awsome Ray I tryed to post some new ones but stupid board wouldnt let me so here s a link to some new ones enjoy https://picasaweb.google.com/MIFIPhotography