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  1. Sticky Dashboard?

    Browns Plains Toyota - QLD edit: We've owned the car from new though, so not sure if that made any difference...
  2. Check VSC Error

    Had the VSC light come on, with the check engine light. Code reader told me it was P0352 - Ignition Coil B (or cylinder #2). Took the cover off and plug was loose... Thanks Toyota Service (they changed the plugs about a week before lol) Hopefully it should be fixed now.
  3. Sticky Dashboard?

    WIfe took her 2008 Aurion in for service, and the Toyota guys advised her it would be replaced. She didnt even have to bring it up with them, they were on the front foot. All replaced at no charge. Great Service.
  4. QR Track Day

    Do they run the full track, I know when we are out there with the superkarts they vary the track layout each round.
  5. Madfairlanes Toys

    Lol or not.... Its going to get some new brakes on it shortly, and the stall converter is getting upped to 3800rpm. With the 3.5 gearing I'm hoping for a mid 12 sec pass, but it is pretty weighty so we'll have to see.
  6. Madfairlanes Toys

    remember its not a show car... These were taken two days after the motor was put in. The motor etc, will be coming out in winter, for paint.
  7. Madfairlanes Toys

    So i thought I should put up some pics of my toys. The Daily (90% of the time its the wifes car lol) 2008 Aurion Sportivo ZR6. - Stock as a rock, but with the following factory options. - Mats - Headlight and bonnet protectors - Boot liner thingy - Tint - Bury Bluetooth - Extended factory warranty. Its Orange because the wife loves the colour in general and looks really smart on the car. The number plates reflect this choice RUS713 (RUSTIE), as in Rustie Orange. These were taken on a mobile phone, so colour is not that great. Now to the toy car. 1967 ZA Ford Fairlane - 347ci Stroked Windsor V8 - 18" Wheels and tyres - 450HP... awesome. Only gets driven on the weekends, I am the second owner buying the car off the gentleman who purchased it new in 1967. Has had plenty of money thrown at it (I stopped counting when i had spent $20k on the Is decently quick, and looks the goods as well.
  8. New!

    Yeah, thursdays aren't good for me at the moment with work etc... I will chuck some pics up in the members rides section.
  9. Centre Console Cover Problem

    Had that happen to me, on the 3rd day after delivery. I didnt want to break anything, so took it into the dealer, and they fixed it in 5 mins and didn't charge. Just dont break the cover, apparently its worth quite a few $$$'s
  10. New!

    Hi all, New to the forums, glad to be here and learn some stuff, kick back and relax, and enjoy myself. Drive a 2008 Aurion Sportivo ZR6, its Orange, with a few options. Also have a 1996 Statesman, and 1967 Ford Fairlane (hence the screenname) which is my weekender. Based in Brisbane. Cheers, Terrence