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  1. Please read rules regarding trader regulations and advertising. thanks.
  2. yeah it seem to be alot cheaper importing from nz. cheers
  3. actionDAN

    MUGG SHOTS!,340,480,360,480
  4. this is my first tat,360,480 and this is my 2nd unfinished tat,360,480,480,360,360,480
  5. im after some tube - 152.4mm dia x 1.6mm wall. ive been importing all my stuff from nz through my business back home, but just wanting to see whats cheaper. thanks
  6. why would the series make a difference? and there is only 1 cam profile, so if you run a more aggressive profile it makes both non-vtec and vtec more aggressive. the fastest honda racecars in the world dont even use it. honda designed vtec for the street not the track!
  7. wow 22k!?? they are only $8k back home lol. algood :) i'll find something worth building :)
  8. yeah thats crazy...i sold that levin in the pics for NZD$5k. thats less than AUD$4k lol. it had adjustable suspension and a bunch of interior stuff too. high quality imports are alot cheaper back home, thats why everyone owns a custom ride. i really would like an altezza. theres not really any other car i like that i can afford lol. what are altezza's worth here? i heard you can only get lexus is200's?
  9. no vtec in this engine! hardly any race engines use it.
  10. im 27 just moved to brisbane from nz welder/fabricator (12 years) have built custom turbo kits for a number of 10 second street cars in countires including new zealand, sweden, and egland including the current fastest street-legal fwd in australasia. mechanic (such a gay job but has to be done!) car audio and visual installation and custom fab draftsman (2 years) drummer (13 years)
  11. thanks guys. not working for anyone at the moment so ive got plenty of time on my hands to custom fabricate for others at the mo :) its a pity you cant import these cars into oz anymore :( you cant import them to nz either, but there are already billions of them over there anyway. does anyone know what ae101 supercharged levins are worth over here?
  12. where do you get your stainless for your hand made mufflers if you dont mind me asking? im looking for some local suppliers.
  13. thanks damo101 :) id love another ae101 levin, but they are really rare and expensive over here :( i was actually wanting to build an all metal wide-body altezza with maybe 2jz-gte, but they are so common back home and so expensive here just for a stock one :( all i know is that it will be rear wheel drive, and big single turbo :)
  14. dont own a car at the moment :) hoping to buy something mid-year, than hopefully have it built by new years. have to see what happens.
  15. thanks :) im looking forward to building some sick rides over here in oz now :)