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  1. LED Spot Lights

    Thanks Wazza, appreciate it!
  2. LED Spot Lights

    Ah sorry, changed the link now so should work. I just used the same screws that came with the car. The extra 2 screws I used were similar screws I had lying around.
  3. LED Spot Lights

    I've got one of those brackets/bars that mount where the number plate is. Looks a bit country spec but does the job. Bracket is on the stock holes, with 2 extra holes drilled a bit lower to mount the number plate for visibility. The extra holes would be hidden by the number plate if I were ever to remove the bracket. Not sure about the radar part. I've just got an Altise so no radar. I made a video a while back if you wanted a better look. I feel like I should acknowledge that my wiring looks ghetto as. Links in the description:
  4. LED Spot Lights

    I'm a bit late to the party but a few months ago I installed a light bar on my XV50 Camry. Hasn't caused any issues due to the pretty simple wiring. Just installed a relay which is activated by one of the high beam wires.
  5. 2013 hiwtf's bagged camry atara sx

    Phwoah I haven't posted for a while but wanted to say this is the nicest Camry I've seen. I reckon a different number plate frame would complete this!
  6. ITEM: Camry Gen4 Strut Brace (97-01) V6 LOCATION: Kealba REASON FOR SELLING: Car is long gone PRICE: $40 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Fits V6. No idea about 4cyl, no test fitting please. SHIPPING: Pickup only from Kealba after business hours
  7. I have a couple of things for sale. They're still on the car and I will remove if there's interest. Items can be picked up after 5pm on weekdays. PM me if interested. Item: MCV20 Camry Front Strut Brace Location: Kealba Item Condition: Used, has some scratches and chips but overall presents okay Reason for Selling: Have a new car Price and Payment conditions: $60 firm. cash on pickup Any additional information: This clears the V6 engine! No idea about 4cyl fitment Shipping: Pickup only Pictures: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have some wheels and tyres for sale here too: http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/44461-vic-kumho-ku31s-brand-new-also-wheels/
  8. These are still for sale. Wheels now $100 Tyres now $450 Also have brand new metal 70.1 to 60.1 hub centric rings to adapt the wheels to 60.1 bore. $15
  9. I'm thinking of getting a new car and selling the mods on this car. I've been pouring money into it and not achieving the results I want, and one thing after another needs replacing faster than I can replace them :( Time for a new beginning I think.
  10. Item: Set of 4 Ford Territory Steelies. 5x114.3, 17x7.5 +36.5 Cost: $150, local pickup only Location: Melbourne Western Suburbs (Kealba area or Werribee/Hoppers area) Condition: Good condition with nicks here and there. Additional Info: Above tyres were to be fitted to these. Plans have changed for this car. Cheap way to get some decent wheel width. I also have the ford centre caps if you're into that sort of thing.
  11. Short Ram Intake for 2013 Camry

    Sorry, i'm predominantly auto retarded - whats the resonator? The pod filter cover? but then i covered the resonator with gladwrap(DIY to the max i know) to prevent the air going into the resonator and boom, doubled the beefyness and still kept it quiet, it too me about 5 minutes to do, I've been wanting to get rid of my upper resonator for years but could never be bothered sorting out replacement pipe etc because it doesn't seem worth the effort. Can't believe I never thought of something like covering the hole. Thanks for the idea!