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  1. Kluger and Trd rims on coilovers running trd specs
  2. Keen to know I have 07camry and like the look of the hybrid but don't know if the later models fit in 07 without too much mucking around
  3. Just changed my trd rims to the kluger rims I picked up on gumtree for a killer price not sure which I like
  4. So I wanna buy a kluger wheel which is running same tyre what I'm running 245/45/19 but not sure if it would fit in my boot
  5. Hey guys I'm currently running trd aurion 19s on my 07 Camry sportivo. I'm not sure what the trd have but do you have 19s as spare wheel in the boot question I wanna know is it possible to fit a 19inch wheel in my boot as my spare which currently has a 17 inch spare
  6. Time to post my ride 2007 Camry sportivo mods so far : Trd 19 inch factory wheels resprayed original colour colour coded brake calipers DGR Streetspec coilovers 5% tint all round 35 % tint front windscreen 3000k fog light 6000k diamond vision globes DRL led t10 white Parkers/ numberplate plastidip front badge plastidip spoiler badges removed on back tinted taillights 2014 Aurion sportivo floormats every interior light changed to White led even boot gps/DVD/Bluetooth aftermarket headunit
  7. Let's get a group going who's keen to enter
  8. Who's entering any Camry Aurion/ trd entering keen to put mine in
  9. Hey guys what are your tips on stopping the centre caps from spinning and also for taking off. I've noticed the thing (plastic holder)where the wire sits around the cap is missing is that the reason
  10. Just got federal 595 on my my wheels very happy. Got them 179 fitted at tyres for less villawood
  11. anyone know or know of tail lights changed from the normal boring 2006-2008 to the later led from 2009 upwards. Is it a pain in the ***** job in wiring or is it a plug and play inwas hoping to stay genuine first and see how much and what's involve before I try the aftermarket Mars performance ones the picture is from 09 Camry
  12. Hey peeps what tyre brands you guys using for your 19 inch trd setup i just picked up a set for my Camry 2007 and interested to know Also would anyone know if I need to change my tyres from the factory Aurion setup 245/35/19 to suit the Camry another thing how do you guys get your centre caps off any tips or tricks
  13. Been doing a few searches here and there and most Holden use the 240/45/19 setup

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