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  1. LED Headlights

    Hi all... We recently purchased & picked up our second daily ride (Camry Atara SL), making the most of the current 0% finance deal Toyota are running... Anyhow, one of the 1st things i have done to this car is upgrade/change all of the interior and exterior lights to LED. All of the interior lights, number plate lights and parkers are okay.... unfortunately Headlights aren't okay :( ... I picked up a set of JW Speaker Model 3600 LED Conversion kit from Autobarn and got them installed. all i can say is they are NOT GOOD (performance wise). You shine the headlight against a wall, looks promising.... but once you hit the road, the beam is very short and doesn't shine nothing in the distance. Our other car is a 2015 Kluger Grande AWD which come factory with LED Headlights. When you compare the 2, the aftermarket install on the camry is dim and weak. Anyhow.... i'm not looking for a refund or anything... i simply want to change it. But before i go off and gamble another $140+, i thought i put it out there to see if i could get recommendations on a suitable replacement Has anyone here stuck in LED Headlights on their Camry? if so.. can you please recommend a brand? let me know where i can get it from? thanks.
  2. I too have the same problem. .. anyone have a fix? Car is out of warranty and toyota are being absolute douchebags about it.... This should be something that shouldn't fark up....
  3. Noise on starting on 07 Kluger Grande

    that sounds like your starter motor not disengaging properly i have in the past on other cars mind you cleaned the pinion gear and lubricated it and worked speak to your mechanic thanks top gun. the corolla is currently at the dealer... the sound only occurs on the 1st cold start of the day... dealer didn't say anything about the starter being a problem.... anyways they are changing the timing chain and the tensioner... also changing the VVT or something.... if that fails i'll get them to replace the starter motor..... i'll keep you posted when i get my car back tomorrow. PC XT and RICE RACING... is this the sound you get on cold start?
  4. Noise on starting on 07 Kluger Grande

    Does it sound like this? video is from my corolla levin zr.

    awesome! Thanks for the info mate! I will refer matter to the dealer. Car is still under warranty so I'll take it back. Lol. I'll keep you posted

    it's is very annoying. If it is in fact an engine issue how would they fix it? Replace the engine?

    here is another video both cold starts... but the second start sounds normal and was done about 30 secs after the 1st.
  8. Hey guys... i have been having an issue with my Corolla Levin ZR 2008. Every morning on cold start a loud noise would come about.... when i say loud... its bloody loud enough to wake my baby daughter. The annoying thing only happens on the 1st start of the day. in other words... if you turn the car off then start again... the noise will not come back till the next cold start. i have recorded the sound have have posted up on youtube also annoying the the fact i have left the car overnight at dealership for them to hear the noise... twice they have claimed not to hear anything out of the ordinary???... FYI the dealership now has a copy of the video. now don't get me wrong... the dealer i take the car too is great and i have no issues with them... they have tried many things to fix this... at first they assumed it was the belts causing this... so they have tightened, loosened etc... no luck... they have replaced air compressor assembly... no luck. what else can be causing awful sound?
  9. HID's On Current Shape Kluger

    Thanks for the info! Since they are not legal I don't think it'd be wise to install them to a $58000 car. Rather be fully insured then have bright lights! Lol!
  10. HID's On Current Shape Kluger

    Anyone here install HID's on their Kluger?? the current shape Kluger??? I'm waiting on delivery of a 2010 Grande... currently driving Corolla Levin ZR and loving the Xenons... just hoping to convert the Grande as well.... if so... can you please advise where to buy and how to fit???? also... are these legal?... i don't see why they would be illegal... cos my corolla has them has factory.... anyways... any help would be awesome cheers guys!!
  11. 19 inch Wheels / Tyres for sale - NEW

    G'day mate. I'll be interested. Pls pm me with location and approx price you want for them.
  12. Kluger Price

    Hey Guys... I sealed a deal yesterday... Kluger Grande 2WD 2010 plate.... $59000 with mats...cargo mat... front sensors... tint to front windows... side steps...
  13. does anyone know how to remove the back seat from the 2008 corolla? i'm trying to remove the actual part you sit on, so i can fit sea covers... rear seats on the new corolla doesn't lift forward like the previous model... please help!!
  14. Toyota Genuine Sat Nav

    anyone know what the model number is for the latest toyota sat nav unit?
  15. its normal, i too am waiting on delivery of Levin ZR ordered in mid december... did you request to have a sunroof? i was told at the time i bought mine that if i wanted a car without sunroof i wouldn't hafta wait that long.... the fact i got sunroof i had to wait for one from Japan.... oddly you hafta wait till april? that sucks.... anyways i have confirmed delivery date of 7th march... anyways... its no point comparing your corolla to your mates mini... both cars are built overseas, car companies forecast sales and import a certain number of cars in the country, unfortunately in this situation they have under estimatied its popularity. also put in mind corolla's don't only come to australia...therefore which ever country or countries is building the corolla they are building it for the world market, now factor in how many cars they can pump out in 1 day.... starting to see the point? regarding your deposit... you deposited $1500... regardless of whatever reason.... if YOU cancel, the dealer will be able to keep your deposit. (unless the sale was subject to finance approval, which you will have to provide them poof you been declined for finance in order to cancel) so hang in there, "good things come to those that wait"