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  1. Just in case anyone, was interested, Terry Shield Toyota in Sydney, specifically said "we are unsure of how this happened, but the clutch in the was eaten away, and ... (Didnt hear the rest as all I could think of was "WTF clutch in an auto?") And we have to order something with transmission from Japan, and it will take about 4 weeks" To 're-cap on what I'm thinking, is that my 2014 Aurion just happens to be a lemon :(
  2. Hey All, I recently purchased a new Aurion , and it has done a total of 10,000 km. My GF and I decided to go on a trip yesterday, but half way through the trip to Sydney, after stopping for a rest, it got quite hard to take the car out of 'P' and made a big thumping noise when it did. Next while driving and having to slow down to 80 km/h I noticed that at one point the car wouldn't shift to a lower gear, and when it did change gears, either higher or lower, it was an extremely rough shift. (I was not using the paddle shift) Now today while driving to Bathurst , I decided to stop at Toyota Bat
  3. Hey All, a friend of mine purchased a ZR6, and before I advise him that the stock head unit has RCA output, I needed to know. How am I to help him install just an amp to run his subs in the boot? He said he doesn't wanna cut any wires, but is willing to do others... Sorry that I'm asking the question, because at the time I thought it would be easy so I stupidly said yes without actually seeing the inside.
  4. Vaz in White corolla with Black front lip is running late, please wait till 10:30 at pre meet! I'll be there.
  5. Or, I'll change the into a new formula, it's called the "Black Hole" That way, you's would be bound to see me :)
  6. You guys have still not spotted me! I'm gonna now paint my car super white so white that it blinds you when you just look at it.
  7. Any body know the address for the tennis club on springy road? - edited the wrong place to post
  8. Vaz is coming, with a +1 for a different car.
  9. If anyone is selling Corolla Headers I would be down to buy, I am currently unsure of the price they would go for 2nd hand, but is willing to negotiate.
  10. Hey All, I'm very unsure if I can still buy specific Weapon R headers, 4-2-1. Or the NST Pulley for the ZRE, is anyone still modding their ZRE?
  11. I'm actually hoping I don't head on with you... That gave me whiplash!
  12. Still I vouch for Karts! Wanna try the one handed steering! But also, wanna go eat out!!!
  13. Yeah come to think if it, 2 hours seems a bit long, but maybe 1 whole hour would be better IMO :)

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