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  1. Hi, it appears you cannot get messages:

    maca_10 cannot receive messages.

    1. maca_10


      Oh, really. Not sure what is going on. Anything you can tell me here as one of the moderator's closed my Buy/Sell for no reason. 

    2. stockstivo


      Ah, OK that would explain it.

      I was interested in the radio, Is it still available?

    3. maca_10


      I have taken the radio off for sale for the time being as I am back using my car. It will most likely be back up in a few months. But at this stage, it is not for sale.

  2. For sale Items & Prices: 1. A-tech Schneider AX-52 4x100 / 4x114.3 +38 offset 16x7 on Dunlop Direzza Z2 Star Spec tyres 205/50/16 SOLD 2. Toyota 86 Genuine GPS unit. Comes with cord to fit your corolla (older car to newer technology) SOLD 3. Cusco Zero 2 Suspension SOLD 4. CES Cold Air Intake with K&N Filter SOLD 5. Safebrake Braided Brake Lines SOLD 6. Whiteline Front Strut Bar SOLD 7. Whiteline Rear Sway Bar SOLD Location: All items located in eastern suburbs of Melbourne Item Condition: All items are used however they are in good working order Reason for Selling: Selling my car and decided to part it out Price and Payment conditions: Refer to each individual item for price, to be paid in cash Shipping: All items to be picked up from eastern suburbs of Melbourne Pictures: Refer below Contact Details: Please PM me
  3. From all accounts, the front sway (anti-roll) bar doesn't do much good for our cars. In fact, some people believe it is detrimental to its performance, i.e. more understeer. The rear sway bar is the best bang for buck mod ever and the best thing is you can use it everyday
  4. Wow, I am bringing up an old thread. I am currently running the RBF600 on Remsa brake pads and braided lines but I have standard rotors. I managed to boil the fluid on my latest track day and was wondering how much the rotors matter in terms of heat dissipation. I understand how brakes work but would the standard rotors have anything to do with the fluid boiling? They have done 112,000km so would they need changing anyway? Thanks
  5. Haha, thanks boys. Good to see there still is some life on the forums yet! I might upgrade the rotors. The standard ones have done 112,000km so it is probably time to upgrade anyway especially as they have been tracked a little bit. I will look at the brake master cylinder too. Thanks
  6. Hi guys, I have been tracking my car for the last year and a half and loving getting in the car and going fast. My question is regarding the brakes. Here is my rather stock current brake setup: - Lines - Braided brake lines - Pads - Remsa 0742.00 & 0741.02 - Fluid - Motul RBF600 - Standard disks and callipers and standard brake master cylinder Unfortunately, at the latest track day, my brake fluid seemed to boil. Outside temp today was 31-32, so track temp would have been even higher. This resulted in the brake pedal going to the floor a few times. Which then resulted in some laundry needing to be done. Weird thing was, even on the drive home, the pedal was still going to the floor. So my question is, what could be the issue? How have you guys kept the brakes cool while tracking? Thanks
  7. Imma guess I'll just turn down the GPS voice volume. That seems to solve it.