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  1. Hi there guys, Just found this forum by doing a search on an issue I have with a 1994 Corona (NewZealand assembled) with a 3sFe motor. Now this thing will not get hot on a cold day.. about to take out thermostat and replace with a factory stock unit, suspect that it has a high flow unit or better yet... no thermostat at all. This car when I bought it a few weeks ago had a new water pump and a new raditator. So taking into account the old handiman scene I suspect that the thermostat will have been played with. I do a 35k trip to work, and this car is still on high idle when i turn it off @1000rpm Do i understand correctly that the idle will be high because the temp probe is not hot?, not good for the old fuel economy. After work is OK as the temp is up at half, sometimes. Or is there another issue that might be there?? Any info would be great. Many thanks.