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  1. i have a 90 all-trac replaced the thrmostat 3 times and just replaced the radiator and the cap (cap twice)...haven't done a flush yet but the coolant was very nasty coming out of the car when I drained it from the radiator...The car used to stay at normal op temps when idling but when hit the highway speed creap up and go back down (like the thermo was stuck)...anyways I yanked the thermostat for troubleshooting and she does alot better now, less issues when its warmer out (its been really cold here in wisconisn).... Another question while Im at this point...if the heater core is clogged will
  2. has anyone ever replaced the steering wheel ring on their Camry. I own a 97 Camry and the steering wheel ring on my car has lost its shiny appearance and is slowly breaking down. I have found a few after market replacement steering wheel rings just not sure what I am getting into by replacing. Is this something a shade tree mechanic can tackle? Regards Lisa M. Stewart
  3. I am doing a survey for a capstone engineering project. Our product is an attachment to brake pads on the Prius. The product is able to increase the Prius by 6 mpg, and will cost around $600 to install. If the product takes about 5 years to pay it off, will you be willing to purchase the attachment? I am also looking for comments, both positive and negative, about such a product. Lisa M. Stewart
  4. Any ideas on how many miles you can put on one of these if it's well maintained? I'm looking at a manual one for $2500 with 187,000 miles on it in excellent condition. I wouldn't mind putting $2k-3k into it for engine, transmission, and clutch work in a couple of years/230k miles if the rest of the car is going to last reasonably long... another 5-10 yrs/100k+ miles. What do you think. Would I just end up losing a lot of money in a bunch of minor repairs. Rust isn't an issue where I live. Thanks for your help! Lisa M. Stewart
  5. Hello everyone. I own a 1991 Toyota Camry with a 2.0 liter 4 cyl engine. I have one problem. It deals with the Toyota hubcaps that come with the car. The constantly yellow. I like to keep the car genuine Toyota and after I detail it, I will post a pic. It has over 97,000 miles on it. I had the engine and transmission rebuilt. I spent $7,000 alone on the engine being rebuilt and replaced everything. I love my car and i am a fanatic about it. Does anyone have any suggestion on how to keep the hubcaps from yellowing? Thanks in advance... Lisa M. Stewart
  6. Just bought the 2009 Corolla LE and was surprised when I tried to change the oil. There's no 'conventional' oil filter. I apparently needs a special oil filter cap wrench tool. What is the size of this tool? ....And where on the engine is this housing that cases the filter located? Apparently oil changing shops do not change the oil in the '09 Corolla, which is a pain in the *****. I've been to the dealer twice now for oil changes and I'm tired already of paying $40 for an oil change. Any thought? thanks Lisa M. Stewart
  7. So I just traded my s2000 for a 96 Supra (no turbo) and am going to attempt to do the majority of the work on my own as opposed to paying it to be done for me like I have done in the past. What I really need to know, is besides the obvious (going with a turbo), what else can I and should I do? Should I go for an engine swap or just upgrade the stock engine? The engine has 81k miles on it so I am not entirely sure what to do with that. I have a bunch of ideas of what I am going to do with the exterior cosmetics. I am pretty sure that I will go with a Veilside body kit, carbon fiber hood, doors
  8. I am going to look at a '93 Celica for my son tomorrow. Just wondering if there is anything specific I should be aware of. It has AT, AC, 2.2L, and dual exhaust and has low 100K. The body on it looks solid and well maintained. Any pointers that any of you can help with would be great. Thanks ahead of time. Thanks Lisa M. Stewart
  9. I currently have 17xxx miles on the original Goodyear Integrity tires. To be safe I have another 1-2k max. Left before its replacement time. I want a tire with longer tread wear and a smoother ride. Are there any suggestions out there from 05 Prius owners? Regards Lisa M. Stewart
  10. I own a 98 Camry LE, 4 cyl automatic and had a few questions regarding modifications. Basically they deal with the feasibility of installing the parts yourself. Overall, i would like to install a new aftermarket muffler, 17" wheels, lower it with new springs, and possibly a body kit. My questions are, can i install a universal muffler myself? For the wheels, what kind of measurements and offsets are the rims? And is it possible to install lowering springs and a body kit without taking it to a shop as to avoid the horrendous rate for shop costs? Any input would be great.

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