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  1. Haha... must have slightly less restrictive advertisement guidelines over there. The new Auris actually looks quite decent given the brief snapshot.
  2. For what it's worth, that front lip does appear to be for the facelift ZRE... http://www.modellista.co.jp/product/auris/modellista/index.html However, it also appears as though you'd need the factory 'sports lip' i.e. Ascent Sport/Levin
  3. Spotted a red Toyota Tundra on the Logan Motorway, with TRD decals and badging... looks like they were imported in small numbers to Australia.
  4. Came across 'SecaBoy' being stalked by Police at Goodna Subway on Tuesday. XR6T looks super clean!
  5. Thats my mrs car, you werent the guy at west end last Friday night by any chance? Yeah, it was ;)
  6. I'd head to the dealer. Seeing as the car is new, I'd suggest they would sort out the issue.
  7. Spotted a ZRE facelift sporting the South African TRD rear diffuser. Looked the goods. Personalised plates: MON513
  8. MJG

    '11 ZRE 'Rolla

    Evening all. Thought I'd kickstart a topic for the newly acquired Corolla. I guess you could call this 'Round 3', having owned two Corolla's previously: 1) 1988 Toyota Corolla (AE82) TwinCam 2) 1992 Toyota Corolla (AE92) SX It's a 2011 Toyota Corolla (ZRE152) Ascent Sport, picked up new in March this year. The colour is 'Shimmer', which is a silvery-blue of sorts. Out of the box, not a bad package, with the 100kw motor mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. Took it for a spirited drive through Mt. Glorious/Nebo, and it stood up to the challenge. Overall, quite impressed, and glad I went for the Toyota over the Mazda 3. I bought it with the intention of leaving it stock, however, upon browsing through the forums, I jumped onto the modifying bandwagon... again. I specifically blame the 'ZRE HOT HATCH POTENTIAL' thread :D After attaching a set of plates from PPQ, the first change was to remove the factory badging from the rear, which I liked after seeing on a 'Rolla the same as mine. I then updated to the obligatory 'Netz' badging, as obtained from a Japanese eBay seller. After seeing the TRD Auris, I was inspired to have the front grill painted, which changes the look of the front end quite nicely. Next on the list, is to tint the windows all around. I'd love to grab the TRD front lip or similar, but I'll see what I can find. Eventually, I'd like to switch to coilovers, and pick up a set of Enkei RPF1's or similar, and I think I'd be quite happy to leave it at that. 1) As New: 2) Current Will obtain some better photos shortly!
  9. Just thought I'd add another confirmed 'AUX' user to this thread. Works like a charm! Big thanks to those who have added input to this thread!
  10. Dropped into Toyota @ Logan Rd, Mt Gravatt yesterday and had a squiz at the facelift Aurion. It was a Prodigy unfortunately as I was going to enquire about 'upgrading' my SX6 to see the differences. It was actually hidden around the back and I had to conduct an expedition B) Overall, it still looks rather good, although the tail lights are a bit 'bulky'. Interior wise I couldn't see any difference, apart from having climate control instead of manual knobs. Still interested in looking at a Sportivo, I'll have to keep my eyes peeled
  11. I actually tried separating the outer 'lense' from the light body by using the old 'oven trick'. Problem is, the sealant is actually under a 'lip', which makes it very hard to get at with a blade of any sort. Stupid thing is though, the housing with the LED's inside IS a separate part. It's held to the rest of the housing by three screws, however as per above, you would need to somehow remove the lense to remove the LED body. I'll have a further crack at it now I no longer need the old one, and see if I can manage it for future reference.
  12. In regards to this question, I ended up flashing cash and got it for $500 from the same dealer I bought the car from. May of helped I think. All in all, my car feels whole again... ... my wallet doesn't though :P P.S Cheers Adamsy anyway!
  13. Ugh! I prefer the look of the locally modded examples...
  14. RE: Key, Mr. Minit is able to clone the genuine key with the same device used for Commodore/Falcon immobilisers. I had a spare of the spare () cut in case one goes amiss. It was $70 walk away, no more to pay. Edit: Enters/starts the car without any dramas
  15. I wonder if they'd notice if I swapped one off the work cars... Anything you can come up with would be excellent Adamsy. :D Cheers for the assistance DJKOR. Just one of those things I s'pose! I'll let you know of the outcome for future reference.