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  1. How late are we on the night late or should know by weds? Well last night a former member wanted to come too thanks rob... I be there =D
  2. wow some nice photos =D thought i add some more to this posts :) here are soem pics i took of roberts Aurion
  3. so far 6 people attending and 15 maybes (stats on facebook) come on guys and join in this event :)
  4. went and took some more photos of my mates BMW
  5. organising a second cruise plus photoshoot as the last one wasnt a success, since no1 decided to rock up lets hope we have people coming this time WHAT: PHOTOSHOOT and a cruise for the sake of it WHEN: 20th of march which is on a Sunday TIME: 10AM MEET TIME LEAVE: 11AM WHERE TO: for this time UNKNOWN, but if you would like to make any suggestions please do so, a good spot is PALM BEACH but its open for suggestions...... BRING: PETROL, FOOD if you hungry lol, SWIMMERS if you wanna go for a SWIM and yer well thats all i can think off hhehe NO HOONISH BEHAIVOUR ON THE DAY AS WE DONT WANT TO ATTRACT THE COPS AND DONT PLEASE DONT PUT DOWN AS A DEFINATE YES IF YOUR NOT COMING WHERE TO PARK here is where we are all MEETING up i be in a vx commodore (VT SS kitted from the front) with 19 on the windshield... HOPE TO SEE ALL YOU GUYS THERE :) EVENT ON FACEBOOK INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TO COME ALONG AS WELL ANYONE IS INVITED :)!/event.php?eid=173621586019512
  6. thanks for the feedback, just new into photography need to KEEP exploring on how to take awesome pics here are some pictures i took of last night's Montly Meet!/album.php?aid=2103366&id=1130250570
  7. wow some more even nicer photos... well i recently bought my DSLR so i am in my baby steps but here is an album on facebook that has some pics i have take of my mates R8 Clubsport take a look!/album.php?aid=2103209&id=1130250570
  8. last time i talked to him he said he was going hmmmm.... maybe changed his mind in the last minute... ANYWAYS GUYS WHO ARE GOING BARTHURST ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GUYS going to the Monthly Meet Maybe See You There Guys coming to my photoshoot See you at villawood at 11am :)
  9. very very nice photos =D... so as i go on this thread has turned into any photos thread, as it i dont see any cruises hahahah i dont know if i want to post up the pics i have taken with my DSLR but overall every single photo i have seen on this thread look awesome =D
  10. unfortunatly i work on sunday... AND I WILL COME ALONG TO THE MONTHLY MEET i bring the camera along and take shots there as well =D if you guys dont mind heheh lol
  11. =O oops my bad... well this is for ANYONE who isnt going to the SRC OR CANT make it to the end of month meet, as i have posted this elsewhere and it be hard to change the date... DONT WORRY there will be more photoshoots in the near future :) IF YOU ARE GOING TO THE OTHER CRUISE GO TO THAT ONE NOT THIS ONE!!!!!!
  12. WHEN THIS SATURDAY 26TH OF FEB heys guys this is an event for a photoshoot plus a cruise want to take some pictures this saturday coming up hope you guys can come no hoonish behaivour on the day and headlights on during the cruise MEET POINT: VILLAWOOD BUNNINGS MEET TIME: 11AM LEAVE TIME: 11:30am - 12pm you might just be lucky to find us still waiting on some of you guys MEET POINT B: home bush (a maybe if people want to go) then off to Boteny bay to take some exciting photos :) hope to see you all there INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TO COME ALONG facebook link...!/event.php?eid=148329895226338
  13. wants to get extractors

  14. gaaah dont make me more impatient than i already am my first cruise and i cant wait! Mine tooo,,,,,,,, hahah been missing out then :P cruises are mad fun especially when there are heaps of people going =D