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  1. So you don't lose your license. Nearly every speedo is out from factory, and shows you going faster than you are. Works better for the Manufacturer as you can't blame them if you get caught speeding, and you appear to get better economy even if it's only slight. You're aftermarket rims/tires were larger overall than the factory, so they might have made up the difference to having your speedo read 100% true.
  2. Or a malfunctioning MAF - been working on the performance side and requirements of the MAF sensor lately and found out it is quite finicky, with the first sign of trouble being poor economy moving up to subpar power below 2000rpm once things get a bit worse.
  3. Common rail and OR plug and play box - avoid like plague. Some can be half decent, but the reality is that a generic tune is dangerous (some are just less dangerous than others). Expensive piggy-backs or ECU remap, both are good options and typically there is no overly better option. The ECU remap can oddly enough not be as good as a good piggy-back in some cases. With the Hilux the new thing is dyno tuning with either a piggy-back or remap, depending on your tuners preference. Either option has proven to provide higher gains yet safer tunes than any plug n play module out there.
  4. obviously every vehicle wheel swap is different so you can only work with what you've got. By the above I meant to show that even some older swaps were possible without too much drama, but at the end of the day it's all down to the individual cars
  5. 05 Hilux airbag steering wheel into a much older Hilux, before clocksprings etc. Airbag ignitor is removed, and horn contact ring from old steering wheel mounted behind new one. Fiddly as hell but does sorta show it's possible to mount a newer Toyota steering wheel onto a much older Toyota.
  6. Booked in for some more power tweaks in early October - soonest I could get a day off work to head to the tuner In the meantime I have fitted a Fortuner front end, which have improved light driving visibility heaps without resorting to HIDs etc.
  7. sounds like the torque converter is locking at the wrong time
  8. I think the facelift cluster is much nicer - certainly makes it easier to read your speedo and revs.
  9. searched it and found some kinda video on youtube - it's just one of those hentai things
  10. Been doing lots of experimenting with cold air intakes and pod filters lately - basically the ONLY thing you're going to get out of that intake is a mean intake noise (and possibly lose 2-3kw)
  11. A few slight mods lately - got rid of the factory intake (starts restricting flow at around 175hp lol) and swapped in a pod filter, just a basic cheapy as the Tuner reckons there isn't much difference between pod filters but I still might change to a K&N later on. Had the clutch replaced with a setup from NPC, which includes a larger billet flywheel and a landcruiser clutch. Clutch bites hard now and is the same setup used on the super high HP Hiluxs around (which end up breaking gearboxes before the clutch slips) Retuned on the dyno and produced an extra 5HP and roughly 30nm torque, but also running much leaner than before so hopefully this will show at the servo Also gave the engine bay a bit of a cleanup and recoloured some piping etc, I think it might even look stock now haha Utes going back in a couple of months for some basic maintenance (water pump, timing belt, modified diesel pump)
  12. I actually had a set once and frankly didn't bother to fit them - there is bugger all difference between them and the Aurion ones (SLIGHTLY bigger rotor on the Klugers) that it wasn't worth the effort.
  13. http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/36503-steves-hilux/page-1

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