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  1. Hey guys, Got an st162 Celica for sale. Sx with the big 3sge engine. 5 speed manual White with decent paint and no rust. Comes with factory alloy wheels, No rego, but comes with pinkslip good for 2 months all ready for rego. Call me on 0401 349 496 if interestd I'm looking for $800ono! Thanks.
  2. I found the right rocker cover. It belongs to a jdm 3sge. Very rare spare. Only found 1 after looking through the whole phone book.
  3. I can't find a single peice rocker cover atthe wreckers, but i saw the camry engine and it only seems to have 1 cam pulley. Which model 3sfe had 2 cam shafts and 2 cam pulleys>?
  4. Hello, I'm a newbie here but i really need some help finding the right rocker cover. I bought a second hand engine hoping to do a head swap. The two engines are both out of a st162 celica. The dirty one is the unrepairable original. The second photo is the reconditoned second hand head. I bought the second hand engine cheap without a rocker cover. Ithought that i could just do a direct swap but later realised they are completely different moulds for the same size head. All the cams are the same the gaskets fit and everything but i just can't seem tofind the right rocker cover at the wreckers. Could anyone tell me what type of head this is out of if its not a 89 3sge, and where i can find a rocker cover to suit the reconditioned one. Its all i need to complete the engine in my st162. I honestly feel stupid for not checking before i got it but if anyone can help me out i'd really appreciate it. Ed