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  1. Hi, I would recommend AAMI. They offer a FREE driver defence course for people under 25 and is about half a day. i done this course out at the UNi campus in Quakers Hill, Syd. Once completed, you get 10% off your comprehensive premium until the age of 25! My comprehensive insurance is $600, which is the lowest i could get with paying the highest amount on FLEXI-premium. so for example, my excess is about $2000, but my annual premium is $600, and that reduced with the 10% discount as well. thats for myself- 23 years old, 2004 ascent sports in campbelltown. with 3 speeding fines history.
  2. Hi NIKICH I'm intersted in your 3kg gear knob. Is it a screw on type ? Where can i get it ? nikich sounds like everyone wants a piece of ur knob
  3. can someone please postup some pics??
  4. if the total price is close to $400 or so, including install. i might be in as well.
  5. count me in.. i havn't been to a meet yet. sounds like fun :D
  6. do you know anyone who aworks in a car yard? i used to work in car sales and it would happen all the time with new apprentices. some yards have the unlocking kits that look like long thin aluminium strips that wedge between the door and window that can unclick the door handle mechanism. last time happened in another older car i had, it was far alot cheaper to break the boot lock and replace it rather than smash a window.
  7. i decided to pull out my part in this group buy. sorry silvabullit, its now 5 weeks from the original thread for this, and don't wish to wait any more weeks until this. sorry for inconvenience. fat_zze
  8. sweet, i'll be down for the group install.. where abouts are you indecent.??? id be in for a group install as well. how much $$ would you be happy with for installation indecent, that is if its all cool with you???? as well, i live not too far away from minto at all, bout 10 mins, and work 10 mins away as well. if it's easier for me to pick up everything for the sydney people, id be happy to do that.
  9. anything that saves $$$ sounds good. for those from sydney, i remember someone saying that they were looking to organise a group install somewhere?? is that still happening ???
  10. hi, ive got a blaupunkt screen, which needs some kind of repairing as its decided not to work anymore. Ive taken it to a audio shop, and they sent it away to get repaired. Apparently Blaupunkt won't release any parts on NON-authorised blaupunkt dealers. DOes anyone know where i could take it too to get fixed, or a bluapunkt dealer in sydney?? The only other last option is sending the unit down to melbourne, which im not crash hot on doing.. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks fat_zze
  11. sorry, lpease remove my interest in this buy please, thanks. :)
  12. where abouts is the meet happening tonight??
  13. hey mate, i had the Mongoose Map 1000S upgrade alarm kit installed for my car The cost was $499 installed Car Audio excellence installed in at Campbelltown, very good service there, and very efficient, car was booking in straight away and installed the next day!!! Ask for Brad if your going to the Campbelltown shop ph 46 266 766.
  14. hey mate, ive been to a few audio shops in the past, and the best service i've recieved from all has been Car Audio Excellence. There is one in St mary's and also Campbelltown. thier campbelltown store number is 46 266 766. Brad is the manager there and is very helpful in assisting you with any problems.