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  1. HaroldHolt

    LPG - anyone?

    So has anyone looked at this recently? I'm hearing that the latest systems are pretty good and with the Govt rebate you can still get a system that will pay itself in about 2 years........ Thoughts?
  2. You can only really compare apples with apples. If the ADR of the Kluger is 11/100, yet you're getting 15/100, then I dare say that if you bought a Territory or CX9 (both have a higher ADR figure) then you would be getting even worse than 15/100. You can't talk to a CX9 driver and say "I'm getting 15/100 around the city' and have him/her reply, "my car does 13/100". They're quoting the ADR. Here's something I've noticed twice now.........if I take it really easy in the first 20kms or so of a tank (when the consumption readout is quite variable), the overall consumption for that tank seems to be lower than if I flog it for the first 20kms or so. Some of you may read that and say "well of course Einstein, you're riding it hard for the first 20kms of the tank and that's why you have a higher figure". Sure, but the figure seems a lot less, less than I would have thought.......11.5 vs 14.5. I wonder how accurate that consumption gauge is across the tank? Cheers all
  3. HaroldHolt

    Ford forum

    I too flirted with a "Terri", but opted for a Kluger for most of the reasons mentioned already. I did cruise the Ford Forum for research, and the one thing i did notice was the tendency to bash/bad mouth anything that wasn't a Territory, in particular the Kluger. It's good to see on this forum a generally balanced approach. I notice in the preceding posts no-one has bad mouthed a Territory, simply stated that the car didn't suit them, that's why I like to visit back here. (that Wheels mag thing certainly generates debate/discussion!!)
  4. HaroldHolt

    Kluger Price

    Hi all, Best I could do was 46.5K on road for a KXR AWD 7 seater, no extras. This was a fleet price deal at Gold level. As far as I can understand fleet pricing, you need to fill out a FORM B that the Toyota Dealer gives you. They then use this form to get a rebate from Toyota, hence the lower price. I believe there are different levels of fleet pricing (gold, silver etc). The dealership should be able to check your employer through a Toyota database and see if you are eligible. The FORM B needs to be signed by your HR department, the salesman will tell you this is just a formality, but my HR department is so far up themselves, and full of their own self importance, that it's far from a formality. Good Luck (edit speellling and grrmamr)