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  1. love my Ride ... <3

  2. Gday i hav a 1997 ST204R Celica 6th Gen .. n yes im a newbie I need to know how to program the remotes for it .. i hav the Factory dealer (RS3000blackremote) installed system as i hav the Toyota security faceplate on centre console and have the TVSS owners manual . !! The instructions tht came with the remote tell me to press button on main unit .. but i found a black box under the radio tht has TVSS written on it with an antenna .. so i assumed this to be the receiver .. but alas NO programming button .. if any one knows how this model is programmed thn ur help is gr8tly received .. lol
  3. Gday ... i have a 1997 ST204R celica .. luckly it does not hav the transponder in the key .. but the locksmiths manual said it does .. i got plain key cut n it starts car.. but if yours does hav transponder than you do have to get toyota or a locksmith with the diagnostics's machine to program it n my guy was charging $400 .. But my main prob is programming the new remotes i got as whn i bought car it had none .. i tried looking for the receiver but cant seem to find it .. ? So if you hav any luck let me knw .. ta graham
  4. DemonRacer

    My Baby

    1997 SX CELICA
  5. Gday .. all im demonracer from Syd .. im proud owner of a 1997 ST204R SX Celica .. it is my second one of this type.. hope to chat with others and gain some useful info on what mods can be done.
  6. DemonRacer

    Pride n joy

    various pics .. of my first got my car thn accident damage an thn aftr it was repaired thn sum with mods done
  7. DemonRacer

    1997 ST204R Celica

    pics of my car b4 during and aftr accident
  8. DemonRacer

    My baby .. ;p

    some pics of when she was in all her glory and from a accident