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  1. hey mate, I'm interested in the grille but am in Brisbane. Let me know if you are willing to post. Thanks
  2. ooorolla23

  3. Awesome bud. thanks for the explaination :)
  4. heya superdave! awesome work but sorry for a noob question........... what does earthing do?? thanks
  5. hey dude good choice! im considering in getting one. did it make much difference down low??
  6. Have u tried calling the guy who installed the pads for u and asking him what might b the problem?? I noticed my breaks were grinding at lower speeds especially wen i was about to stop but once they changed the break pads to another brand (dont know what they are now) the grinding sound went away.
  7. Hey mate, my car's breaks were recently remachined and the break pads were changed. I experienced the same problems with the grinding sound. I took my car back to the service centre and they changed the break pads. No more grinding now :D Maybe it's the new break pads for u too??
  8. hey man from my manual: Map reading light (without moon-roof): 8W Type- D Interior light: 8W Type- H Hope that helps
  9. I could be very wrong, but you can get that spoiler through TTE. I'm guessing that it would fit without any problems as there really isn't any difference with the rear door in any Corolla of this series wherever it is in the world. I think Bate's Corolla Rally car uses this spoiler. I wish I had seen this before fitting my factory-lookin' aussie Corolla spoiler. ← Sweeet. yeh i found it on ebay and i think it looks awesome. how can i contact TTE for a quote??
  10. hi guys, just wondering if this rear roof spoiler will fit onto the corollas here?? It's a genuine spoiler from toyota in the uk. U reckon $230-250 (unpainted and shipped) is worth it??
  11. or get celica steering wheel or stivo one .. ← can u get a stivo steering wheel from toyota?? and do u know approx how much??