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  1. Crap.... Why did I see this just now? I was doing nothing and had the Tincan to showoff :(
  2. I can't beleive I have to pull out of this at the last minute. So sorry guys :( I wouldn't have a corolla to bring anyway. I hope the weather is nice for you all and enjoy the cruise. Matt.
  3. Great to hear you all had a great day and pics look great! I so want to be at the next one :)
  4. Looks like this will be an awesome meetup but unfortunately wont be able to attend. I'll be on the annual rollaclub great ocean road cruise! Have fun guys
  5. Thanks for organising a great meet Rhyse. Sone of the snaps you took are truly awesome :) I'm going to try and get the pics my mate took and post them up. Matt.
  6. Location as follows; 218 Lorimer Street, Port Melbourne. This is just an approx address, but if you put this in your GPS you cant miss us Isolated location in an industrial area. If people are not happy with this location, we will meet here and drive further up the road until we hit the bolte bridge which is also a chill spot (famous for many photoshoots). For the people who rock up late and discover we are not at this location, PM me here your number and ill let you know where we are. I can check my tocau account wherever i go and ill be checking it constantly tomorrow if anyone has any questions See you all there Remember; eat prior as there is nothing there. Ok mad, but what time at the first point? 8PM still?
  7. I will be there :) Bring the gold car out for a burn.
  8. Haha great shots guys, I don't think there is even one pic that I didn't like :) LOL Duy - Datsun Grandson
  9. Nice pics guys, especially the panoramic view. Was great to see most of us out despite the less than desirable weather and thanks to Duy and Johnnie for organising it all :) Keep them rolling in!
  10. I'm in and I can only hope that the weather is way better than last time we met at Albert park! Also let me know if anyone wants me to get a hold of some Italian sausages (get your minds out of the gutter) and i'll bring the portable bbq and cook them too :)
  11. I think it's great that Andy has brought this to everyones attention. I for one am guilty of constantly wanting more (i'm sure many of you are the same) whether I am on a cruise, track, gokart or even Gran Turismo. A key message to take away from this is like previously mentioned, 'curb your enthusiasm' and for me it is to keep our heads pulled in. Numerous times people on the cruise pulled over to let those wanting more, past them or when they weren't comfortable with their vehicle or otherwise. I'd like to commend these people and they have put plenty into perspective for me and hopefully many others. I look forward to the upcoming gokart day where we can all drive to and even beyond our limits within reasonable safety. Without the risk of scratching our paint or others. Take care :) Matt.
  12. You know i'm always down for karting ;) Great cruise Andy it was thoroughly enjoyed and also a big thanks to all the awesome shots that everyone is putting up :) Matt.
  13. I am sooo ready for this cruise. It has been ages since the gold car has come out for a cruise! Hopefully I make it there and back with no conrods going astray :P
  14. what you mean? its a Great time for a cruise!!! Most probably left the country ..... :( It's Ok Guan, no boats allowed anyway :P lol this. boats are only for us vietnamese anyways! Lulz. I'm looking forward to this, not sure if the gold car will be up for this but I will be there in something.