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  1. My TRD Aurion does 209.6 ATRW and 12.5 miliseconds down the 1/4 kilometre.
  2. You are a complete toss. I can accept people driving like a ******* when there is no traffic (otherwise I'd be a complete hypocrite) but you don't even try to hide it.
  3. Thanks gents. Dwee, man you have a good memory. The baby is still baking with 1 month left, hence the Corolla. I couldn't have my baby driving around in my wife's old Ford Laser which is loves dearly but is falling apart. I hadn't noticed anything weird about the drive by wire, if anything it was more sensitive than my Aurion. I'm glad there is nothing to recall. Is there a way to make the mirrors auto fold when the car is off? I find it odd that they would add power folding mirrors but not auto headlights.
  4. I hope this isn't true, it looks like the ***** child of a Subaru and a Mazda. Pretty sad that the best looking car in the Subaru range was designed by Toyota.
  5. Hey people, It has been a while between posts. Some of you might know me form the Aurion forums. I'm proud to say I'm now a Corolla owner as well as the Aurion. Just purchased a '09 MY10 Corolla Ascent from a Dealer in Blacktown. It is/has: 56,000ks on the clock White No damage bar very minor door edge chips Full service logs Hubcaps (unfortunately) Still under factory warranty new tyres I picked it up for $13,800. No trade in, no finance. Is that a good price? Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what I can check to be replaced under warranty? I have approx. 2 months of factory warranty left and I want to squeeze it for what it is worth. Even if there are no immediate problems I prefer getting unofficial recall items replaced before the warranty is out.
  6. Not many people like the new look Aurion Sportivo, I award you on your nonconformity. I personally hope the Sportivo sales die a quick death.
  7. You won't have any rubbing at all.
  8. The Aurion isn't a racecar and this is one of the dumbest "mods" I've seen in a while. If you are going to "hoon", this is by far the pussiest way to do it.
  9. Are you serious? The TRD should be taken from you and replace with an old Ford Festiva for that comment.
  10. Had you changed the VVTI Oil pipe? How many Ks had it done? Who serviced it last? If your engine is actually ****** claiming under insurance might be an option.
  11. Should have left it at that. The rest of your post was just fluff.
  12. Interesting topic. Adamsy, any more information for us DIYers? Like Torque?
  13. The new Aurion Sportivo body kit is embarrassingly ugly. It is very surprising that they have a luxury look for the Aurion and a tacky rice look for the Aurion Sportivo.
  14. I can't see the diff in size. I still have my old one at home if you want me to take a pic as well. When I bought mine online from the US (TRDParts) they came in the red Toyota Packaging.
  15. That one comes to over $107 delivered. Searching on eBay there is another listing in Australia which come to $84 delivered. Did you search for FK20HR11 or something else? Yea I did, can you please link me to the website.