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  1. cleaning windscreen

    Hi Warren, This is how I keep on top of my situation: WINDSCREEN WASHER FLUID I mix my own windscreen washer fluid, with: • Water. • Bar’s Bugs. • Morning Fresh. And, I mix it in 5-litre batches (for Quality Control). FILLING WAS SLOW Filling my windscreen washer reservoir was slow, because of foaming. SO I MODIFIED MY RESERVOIR I pushed some PVC tubing (16-mm ID, thin-walled) to the bottom of my reservoir (permanently). And, I discarded the filler cap’s Sight Tube. FILLING IS NOW FAST I can now fill my reservoir very quickly, through the PVC tube (this “Fill From The Bottom” method, eliminates foaming). DE-WAXING When necessary, I remove wax deposits from the outside of my windscreen, with Mineral Turpentine. POLISHING I polish the outside of my windscreen, with Sonax Glass Polish. Method: • Wet my windscreen. • Allow excess water to drain away (too wet, is not good). • Apply glass polish to a damp applicator pad. • Polish my windscreen (with the same pad). • Wash the polish from the windscreen (assisted, by rubbing the entire windscreen with a face flannel). • Stand back, and wet my windscreen again. • Watch for areas that dry immediately (they need further polishing). I never wash my applicator pad; I simply stow it in a clean container, ready for next time (saves on polish). INSIDE MY CAR I clean the inside of my windscreen, with: • Rubbing Alcohol. • Face Flannels (2). Method: • Work in the shade (on cold glass). • Rub a small area of glass, with an alcohol-soaked face flannel. • Polish that wet area dry, with the second flannel (this prevents dried water marks from staining the glass). • Repeat, on the rest of the glass. My cleaning products, appear below… mick2222 Applicator Pads (Supercheap Auto, "163187") Face Flannels
  2. Alpine 8inch Sat Nav

    I have replaced Toyota’s TNS410 Sat Nav (in my 2010 Corolla Ultima) with the Alpine 8-inch unit. Alpine's generic bezel was merged with the Corolla's fascia (it now looks like a Toyota OEM installation). All the steering wheel controls are still in use. But, the USB port (near the cigarette lighter) has been disconnected (the installer said that tapping into the wiring loom, was difficult and risky). So he routed a USB/3.5mm stereo input lead into the glove box (which works well for me). The reversing camera is now connected to the Alpine. And this is a vast improvement, as the reversing picture is now huge (and the internal mirror no longer has its half blind-spot, when reversing). Alpine's maps are supplied by HERE (from the same stable, as NAVTEQ, iGO and Nokia). The Alpine's maps are update-able online, via a computer program called "Naviextras Toolbox" (HERE's equivalent, of TomTom HOME) https://www.naviextras.com/shop/portal/p2howto-guide?guide=Toolbox And HERE invites its users to report map errors to its website, "HERE Map Creator" for remedial action https://mapcreator.here.com/mapcreator/-27.5,152.9,12,0,0 An SD card ferries all data between the computer and the Alpine (the computer must have an SD card drive). Hidden progress bars (when updating the Alpine) can be made visible by tapping the (Map) button. The SD card is never in the Alpine when the car is driven (which is convenient, for update-checking). An upholsterer made this simple sun visor for me. mick2222
  3. Sony/TomTom XNV-770BT

    Thanks for that, I didn't think of them. In the meantime, http://www.digoptions.com/ is looking into it; I told them that I also want the reversing camera image routed away from the internal mirror to the Sony/TomTom. Mick I received a reply from http://www.digoptions.com/ and they sent me to http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/FULL-KIT-Toyota-Fascia-Facia-Side-Trims-Stereo-Fitting-Harness-Wiring-Mount-/130756805910?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item1e71b68516 where I bought the kit that I need. Mick.
  4. Sony/TomTom XNV-770BT

    Thanks for that, I didn't think of them. In the meantime, http://www.digoptions.com/ is looking into it; I told them that I also want the reversing camera image routed away from the internal mirror to the Sony/TomTom. Mick
  5. Sony/TomTom XNV-770BT

    Thanks Jeffy, I thought I would. I have also posed this question to http://www.digoptions.com/ as they specialise in this sorts of thing; I have dealt with them in the past, and they are excellent people to deal with. Mick
  6. I am considering replacing the factory-fitted TNS410 (Fujitsu Ten/Eclipse II) unit in my 2010 Corolla Ultima, with the Sony/TomTom “XNV-770BT” (when it becomes available here, in Australia). http://reviews.cnet.com/car-gps-navigation/sony-xnv-770bt-navigation/4505-3430_7-34390050.html Does anyone know in advance, if the changeover is simple and trouble-free? Cheers, Mick
  7. From new, my Corolla was plagued by tacky bonnet rubbers. These rubbers were highly dangerous, as they prevented the bonnet from fully “popping-up” when the bonnet-release was activated (thus retaining the appearance of a fully locked-down bonnet). I finally overcame the problem by lubricating the rubbers with CRC “Dry Glide” (after 3 years’ of useless remedies – talcum powder, WD-40, cooking sprays/oils, etc.). The product is best applied by rubbing a product-moistened cloth along the rubbers… Cheers, Mick The Product CRC ‘Dry Glide” Part Number: 3040 Barcode Number: 9310832030405
  8. How old is everyone?

    Mick, and I'm 66.
  9. Solved - Thank you for your assistance. Mick =================================== I have a 2010 2-litre Corolla Ultima. Can I upgrade the fuel from 91 RON to 95 RON? Do I have to change anything? Price aside, are there any advantages/disadvantages in upgrading from 91 to 95 RON fuel? Mick.
  10. 1. I was only aware of the 7inch model (and it was the large/larger screen that was attracing me). 2. The Follow Me II does work for me (and the support via TomTom HOME, is supreme!). 3. I will stick with the Follow Me II... Thanks, Mick2222
  11. My current Corolla is fitted with the TomTom Toyota II (TNS410) navigation system, and I am thinking of changing to Toyota’s, “Toyota Navigation System” with my next Corolla. Is this a good move? How do the two systems stack up against each other? Can anyone point me in the right direction, to make an informed decision? Cheers, Mick2222
  12. Hi, Each time I insert a USB music stick (MP3 files) into my TomTom Toyota/Eclipse FollowMe device, I have to manually select "Shuffle Music" as this is my preferred setting. How can I make "Shuffle Music" the default setting? I don't mind getting "inside the device" to tweak files, if I have to... Cheers, Mick2222