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  1. After more feedback from other owners with the same issue, I purchased a ScanGuage2 ($170 del) and fitted it in May this year, and the lights have never flashed since, and if they ever do the ScanGuage2 can easily clear the codes and stop the flashing I am told. This was a great relief especially when mine were coming on about weekly with one time I was stuck in low range and couldn't go up the Highway, i'd have to keep starting up, stopping and waiting and after 6 or 7 restarts they would go off.Its the best add on I've ever purchased, it has many other features as well. But the real shame is Toyota say it doesn't happen.
  2. On several occassions in my GXL TD 200 Auto when I start the engine the 4WD LO and VSC warning lights flash and the Engine and Stability Control warning lights remain on. After several stop starts the lights all go off. Today I started the engine and on putting in Drive it had no power, seemed like it was trying to start in 6th gear. I stopped it and on restart the same series of lights came on and again went off after several rrestarts. My Toyota dealer says Toyota don't know what it causing it or how to fix it. Has anyone had this issue and has been able to find a fix.