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  1. Haven't bought the housings yet, got the micro relay on order so far though. The fog light housing has clips on one edge and a single screw type bracket in the lower front bit to hole it on.
  2. Finally installed it today after receiving the appropriate 18MM 3M tape from Victoria. Looks great! Three years of searching for this Sunguard paid off in the end! Now to fog lights... Still looking great for a 12 year old one-owner car... though might need another wax and polish because my brother hasn't bothered to wax it for a year. I guess he had the impression wax lasted forever or the fact he didn't need to wax it because he parks in a garage both at home and at work. Planning to do this wax and polish later in the week for him.
  3. Thanks for that, I'll look into these further now I suppose. What's the law regarding changing seats (ADR rules etc.)? I've seen people defected for having bucket seats in the car out of all things... would replacing stock seats with seats from an "upper" model void any insurance or rules etc.?
  4. This has been on the back of my mind for a while now, maybe a few years... but never got around to it as I've been tinkering with my own car. I was planning to purchase some Sportivo seats for my brother's ZZE Corolla Ascent. His driver's seat has been making an annoying knocking noise for years now. He's got a pre facelift 2003 model and most Sportivo seats I was interested in came from facelift '04 onwards models. Pre facelift and facelift seat rail bolt locations are the same right? Planning to get leather Sportivo door trims as well and will probably have to drill holes for the window winders too...
  5. Looks like I'll have to contact Toyota after the new year if we decide to install this. Managed to pick up a stick on sunguard off a wrecked car a few days ago which looks similar and less hassle I suppose.
  6. Been a while since I looked into the car. Anyway, car has no fog lights but I did manage to install the sportivo stalk a few weeks ago when the original stalk co-incidentally let go and wouldn't let me use the headlights! I saw some fog light kit for the ZZE on eBay for $113. Comes with two housings, bulbs, relay, screws and wiring with a switch for non prewired cars... this should work for me right? I just don't use the loom or the switch correct?
  7. Nah, don't need tape before christmas... as long as I have the sunguard lying at home, I am happy. So much effort finding one! Showed my brother (who doesn't know anything about cars) and he was like "oh, cool"... then continued playing WoW... oh well, at least the car will be better to look at I suppose. :) Thanks for the link up there. The tape width on the sunguard now is 18mm so the 6mm won't be suitable I dont think. I did manage to track down 3M tape at 18mm width and 3M length from VIC and it's like $15.
  8. After nearly 3 years of intense searching high and low, I finally made a breakthrough this weekend when I was looking on gumtree classifieds for faulty laptops and a little pop up of a ZZE being wrecked came up at the bottom of the screen, clicked on it and saw this vehicle had a rear sunguard on it! Emailed the wrecker asap and he got back to me this morning saying it was still available for $99. Raced down when i got up and sure enough it was still on the car. I had to help him take it off but all went well and nothing broke... got all the clips as well without breaking any. I'm sooo happy I finally got this sunguard even though it's not even my car anymore but at least my 18 year old brother will have a smile on his face for christmas! :D Now to track down some new 3M tape... are there any equivalents to 3M tape?
  9. Okay, so my brother came home with this pretty neat rear spoiler for his car, a 2003 ZZE Corolla Ascent hatch. Same colour and all which he got for free (I think). Comes with the LED light and all the screws/nuts and what I gather are rubber gaskets which probably need some adhesive since they've been ripped off another tailgate. Anyway, I want to know... how exactly do I put this on the car? No, I don't mean drilling but like how to I line up the screws & clips to make the holes on the top of the tailgate? EDIT: It's the OEM Spoiler from Toyota, not aftermarket.
  10. Have some interest in Sportivo side skirts as I might be in Melbourne in a few weeks time. Do they have any clips on the inner side? Can't see as photos only of outer side.
  11. I am actually considering the 17" Civic Sport wheels when I have the money, been quoted $899 second hand with tyres (medium tread left). As for the kit, I paid $3000 or so. Yes, $3000. Worked a lot of over time and saved for it as well. Painting it already cost me $1000 in that $3000. :-/ But I'm happy so far :)
  12. Hi Everyone, I haven't been back here in a long while... but anyway, I got a new car... like nearly 24 months ago LOL. Been stock till the last 9 months when I really put a lot of work, sweat and tears into modifying it. Okay... so it's not a Toyota... *hides for a bit* I still have the trusty ZZE Corolla, just kinda passed it down to my younger brother on his green P's. So you could say I am still Toyota at heart. The Corolla still has the TOCAU sticker on the back till this day! :) NOW... introducing... my 2010 Honda Civic FD1 VTI. This was when I first got it from the dealership brand new... as you can see, pretty stock. except for visors and mudguards... as well as some tinted windows all around. Moving onto earlier this year and as you can see I now have alloys (got them in 2011) and also slapped a bunch of interior options on.. such as bass works audio, foot lighting and fog lights. Welcome to late 2013... or should I say two weeks ago and lots of $$$... Got the OEM Honda Modulo factory bodykit installed at last! Any opinions? Please be nice, I know it's not a Toyota. :-/
  13. Hmm, okay. I'll have to look into that. I did notice on eBay that the Sportivo kits don't have pictures of the side with the grommets whereas the Levin ones do. If no holes needed in the sill panel, I will DEFINITELY go pick up a set. The Modulo OEM Honda skirt kit for my 2010 Civic uses a stick on bracket and an under bracket to hold skirts on which is a bit different to Toyota's method.
  14. Hi everyone, I'm currently looking into getting a christmas present for my brother and his (well my old) ZZE corolla ascent. I was looking into getting a set of side skirts from a wrecked Sportivo and getting them painted by a mate. However the installation process does concern me a little. I am aware that the Levin side skirts have 9 plastic clips which mount the skirt to the side metal sill, which requires drilling into the metal on the side of the car. However, I have never seen a Sportivo skirt with my own eyes, so I wanted to know if the Sportivo skirt also requires the drilling of 9 holes into the metal sill under the door? (As well as the 6 grommets under the car) Thanks.
  15. Didn't really wanna go back to them after the service quality I received. I took it to my own mechanic (family friend) this morning cause TOYOTA was full. He said ALL the bolts holding my ATF pan were loose and I was able to witness it... he could turn the bolts 3/4 to 1 turn each until they locked! So I'm guessing they went and loosened my oil pan cause I didn't wanna pay the $1394 quoted to annoy me? Anyway, I checked the report saying my brake pads needed replacement. WTF, I changed them 15,000KM ago at 85,000KM (first change since original) and it's not like I do burnouts or hard braking... my mechanic said "mate, they're still new and thick!". Sure enough, I still have 10mm or so of pad left!