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  1. loving this!
  2. man that makes me want this car even more... Did you guys see this: "Toyota is aiming for a recommended price just over $30,000 for its rear-drive FT-86 coupe when it goes on-sale here mid-2012" FT-86 on DRIVE.COM.AU If it's around that price.. I'd definitely be interested.........
  3. 1. Stock 2. Chrono Trigger (50/50 now) 3. Kenneth. 4. Synthetic05 5. sikwitit 6. Xoom 7. M_M 8. Redsportivo will be there 9. Rollaaa Hopefully not working that night 10. Addy287 - hopefully 11. Armstrong
  4. young - i'm gonna miss the car... it was heaps fun to drive it, lets see if the next ride will top the driving experience... nah nothing planned atm... maybe in the future... gonna have to borrow cars n walk to places lOL still keep in touch tho. KenshinX - yea man, it was unfortunate we didn't get to meet last year... all in good time =] would have kept the car, but the last 9 months cars been in garage most of the time... only clocked barely 1.5k kms - i don't think i wasn't doing the car any justice... atleast the new owner can spend more time with it n actually drive it around.
  5. found some great stuff for ppl to look at: TRD Strut bar/brace for ZZE122 and ZZE123 - Time left: 18h 20m 25s (02 Feb, 201112:21:55 AEDST) there's a front cut from japan:
  6. Hey, last time i checked was approx $90 ish at a dealer. you can try wreckers, if you find one.. maybe around $50 - but rare
  7. there's a meet? when? i'll try to come if im free.... need to take the car out, collecting dust....
  8. Hey man! Yeah, I usually go via there to go home from work! Did you see the black R34 GTR outside Dooleys? Nah, i was walking, i saw you with ur hand out the window LOL, ur ep3r, and a silver corolla with stivo rims and black stivo kit. was gonna scream ur name - buh decided not to look like an idiot HAHA clean car man... race! :P
  9. hey Ken, i saw ur EP3 at lidcombe yesterday - u drove past Dooleys around 630pm
  10. Sorry guys, i gotta go to the airport on sat night. i'll catch uz some other time...
  11. Massive turnout guys, sooo many ppl.... on another note: DEC 4th. gonna meet up again. atleast there's more notice. so far: 1. Chrono Trigger 2. Azzman372 add urself to the list if u can come...
  12. I give up, Im bored today, so if anyone wants to meet up... just post... i'll be there at 8pm
  13. I dunno man.. only 4 ppl responded... just rock up n hang for a bit today...