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  1. Just about to put Goodyear efficient grip SUV 19 255 55 on my Kluger as well. The OEM tyres last 55K - but are badly worn on the edges. If I had got more wheel alignments they might have lasted a little longer. I will let you know how the Goodyears go. Kind regards Hado
  2. I can't see how the aftermarket nudgebar would interfere with the airbags. They just bolt on the same way as the Toyota version. See my earlier post: Nudge Bar Install tips for a DIY install I have seen both and they are almost identical - they only difference I can see is the Toyota logo on the black plastic covers. I would say they are made by the same supplier in China. Kind regards Hado
  3. Hado

    Snow Chains for KX-S

    I have a set of cheap chains which I had for my earlier car - a Land Rover Discovery HSE - which had 18inch wheels. Coincidentally the wheel radius is similar for the Kluger 19inch wheels and they also fit the Kluger. I have never used them - they just sit in the back to fulfil the law. AWD vehicles rarely have to use chains in Australia. I would like to get Autosocks - size 698 - but they are not yet legal in Vic - I think they have been passed in NSW. Autosocks on ebay Kind regards Hado
  4. Agree - the cargo mat is definitely the best value for money accessory - couldn't live without it.
  5. Plugnplay might be able to help - I just noticed that Flyaudio is now the exclusive distributor of JBL. See Flyaudio news
  6. Calichin I am sure you will be fine - but feel free to give me a call if you need any advice. Kind regards Hado
  7. Is there independant volume for different sources? Yes - you can set the sound for the hands free phone at a different level than the radio. There is also an option for the master volume to reset at restart. So if you have the volume up real loud on the way home at night - it does scare the hell out of you the next morning when you head out for something to feed your hangover :P How does the lcd screen perform in daytime driving? There are three levels of screen brightness shown on the main menu - but if the sun is shining directly on the screen it does washout. This doesn't happen that o
  8. I have never tried this - I will give it a go and let you know I know the GPS restarts remembering your destination when you turn the power off during a break in the trip etc. Thanks mate. I know that some systems require a full reboot/startup, where others won't lose anything if you are just doing an engine restart and whats on screen stays on screen. Same for instance if you had the radio or ipod screen up, pain if it reboots the whole unit just restarting engine. regards I checked this and the unit stays on when you restart the engine.
  9. I have never tried this - I will give it a go and let you know I know the GPS restarts remembering your destination when you turn the power off during a break in the trip etc.
  10. Clawed Bluetooth phone function - connects everytime and works fine - intially I had a problem with the sound quality and moved the mic closer to the driver - but in the end I found the mic supplied was faulty or I damaged it during install. I replaced it with a similar $20 mic from Jaycar and it now works very well. No one ever complains about the sound quality and I am told when they are talking it cuts out the background noise - which is better than most systems I have used in the past. Ipod interface - this is my favourite part of the whole system - searchable by artist, album and song e
  11. No dash rattles or foot-well rattles that I have noticed (touch wood), and I have pulled a fair bit of my Dash out or apart. But I have only just clicked over 10K on the odometer - so maybe it is not related to year made but kilometres travelled.
  12. Don't mean to be cheeky... however there is one for sale on ebay right now for $150 reserve, no bids... either no one has seen it yet or that's a true reflection of its street value :o It still has 5 days to go - but it may be that they are not worth that much, although I recall Toyota sells them as an KX-R upgrade for around $750. Also the seller is only listing it as a Kluger stereo - when they also fit a range of Toyota models.
  13. I thought KX-R and KX-S shared the same unit. Or are you referring to the Grande? I honestly think an aftermarket unit will be better than the genuine toyota (Grande) The KX-S has a 6 CD unit with Bluetooth and the KX-R has a single CD unit (no Bluetooth). If I get my act together I will sell my KX-S unit on eBay and hopefully a KX-R owner who wants Bluetooth will buy it.
  14. I recall mine being the same - but it doesn't smell at all now. I can't remember how long it took - because your nose gets used to smells - but the strong smell eventually goes away.
  15. Has anyone tried the procedure below to stop the seat belt warning? Allegedly it works for some Toyota models. (1) Turn the ignition switch to the ON position (note: that's "ON", not "READY", so with the foot OFF the brake pedal). (2) Press the ODO/TRIP switch until the odometer displays "ODO". (3) Turn the ignition switch off. (4) Turn the ignition switch to the ON position again. (5) Press the ODO/TRIP switch immediately (within 6 seconds or as soon as the chimes go off) and hold it down for 10 seconds or more (note: some people swore by waiting for longer, up to 45 secs). (6) Continue holdi

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